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WiFi: A conference requirement

Last week, one comment kept recurring at Lawrence Ragan Communications’ annual Web Content Management conference in Chicago: “Why don’t they have WiFi?”

Syndicate Conference Starts This Week

The Syndicate Conference begins Tuesday in San Francisco. The conference focuses on the latest B2B trends with blogs, podcasts and other sources of syndicated content.

RSS Drives Reuters Lobbys Screen

We just got back from the wonderful Global Voices conference which was held in Reuters’ Headquarters.

Google Analytics Is Pretty Good

I’ve been using the Google Analytics service for a few weeks on WebProBlog … and I give it two thumbs up.

The Conversation Is Rapidly Evolving

As I relax on my train journey back to Amsterdam aboard the high-speed Thalys TGV, I sit in reflective mode regarding this morning’s terrific panel discussion on the giant global focus group at the IABC Europe conference in Paris.

Google, Authors Guild Facing Off At Yale

The Ivy League school will host an academic conference on search engine law, and provide a backdrop for speakers from Google, the Authors Guild, and other organizations.

Eight Steps To Guarantee A Successful Video Or Web Conference

A successful video or web conference can really give a boost to your organization. Online conferencing is now connecting people in a way that was not possible in the pre-Internet era.

Googles Zeitgeist Conference Buzz

I’m sitting here with Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords. He picked me up from the airport tonight. I have spent the last few hours telling him all about the Google Zeitgeist conference.

Forget About Sun/Google OpenOffice
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The fevered speculation about a possible Google and Sun effort to make a hosted version of OpenOffice available should now come to an end. Finally, the two tech companies have come out and stomped on the hysteria about a hosted “Google Office” package.

Blogging on BlogOn, and at BlogOn

I am writing on BlogOn 2005 over at the AllBusiness PR Blog this week, and will be updating the posts here.

Web 2.0 Conference – Random Rants
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Found someone’s notepad at the Web 2.0 conference… One thing that’s different this year is talk of infrastructure.

Flock Web Browser: Could it Supplant Firefox as Browser of Choice for Cool Kids?

Believe it or not, Firefox 1.0 has been around for less than a year. In that short time, it has gained at least 10% of the browser marketshare and spurred Microsoft to finally bring back Internet Explorer from its innovation stasis.

A Bright Future for UK Podcasting

A tremendous success – that’s my judgment of PodcastCon UK which took place in London on Saturday.

WebmasterWorld To Host Vegas Conference

Bright lights, gambling, dancing girls, and Search nerds galore will be found in Las Vegas this November as Webmaster World’s Search Engine & Internet Marketing PubCon conference pounds the Vegas strip.

Search Engine Strategies Conference: Day 1

In wrapping up the first day of the SES Conference, I have for you a brief summary of all the articles that have been written so far. We have had lots of interesting information coming in from the conference, and hopefully no one has missed any of it. If that isn’t the case don’t worry, I’ve taken care of you.

Search Engine Strategies 2005 San Jose

Why go to San Jose in August? A chance to learn about the latest and greatest ways to benefit from the potential offered by search engines, that’s why.

Surviving The Search Wars – Local Directories
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Innovation in the competitive search engine and directory markets: how the internet is the perfect medium for David to take on Goliath. The pursuit of online information has become an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace during the past three years.

Choosing the Right Corporate Training Venue

With the advent, in recent years, of high-tech conference centers boasting amenities seen before only at hotels and resorts, companies are increasingly choosing to conduct their training sessions at off-site locations. However, all venues are not the same, and consequently it has never been more important for companies to choose the right conference center for their corporate training programs.

This Vista Is Only A Test

Microsoft Sends 10,000 people the Beta 1 version of its next-generation operating system a few days early.

Conference Calling Can Save Your Sales Organization Time and Money

Conference calling can save you money. There is no doubt that in the sales business, every second counts.

Microsoft Sees Vista In Its Future

We can’t call it Longhorn anymore. Microsoft has formally renamed the long-awaited operating system to Windows Vista.