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How to Blog a Conference

Josh Hallett obviously took a lot of time and energy to put together his recent How to Blog a Conference – great stuff.

Delivering The New PR in Edinburgh

Arrived in Scotland’s capital late this afternoon for Delivering The New PR, the fourth in the series of one day conferences organized by the University of Sunderland, which takes place tomorrow.

Goings on in Sweden After IBC Euroforum Conference

Two hours to kill as I sit here doing email and now blogging at Gate 8 in Arlanda airport, Stockholm, while I wait for my SAS flight back to Amsterdam.

What Makes a Good Audio Conference Call?

When making conference calls, it’s important to make sure first of all that everyone is seeing eye to eye on the technology that’s going to be used.

SES 2006: Social Search Overview

Search Engine Watch executive editor Chris Sherman hosted the session on social search, which covered the impact of human knowledge and activity on search engines.

Options Scandal Hitting Apple Stock

Shares of Apple dropped by four percent in after-hours trading, and the iconic computer company may have to restate earnings for several years due to its stock option granting practices.

BlogHer Aftershocks Rumble Through Blogosphere

The aftershocks of BlogHer rumble through the blogosphere…the confidence, the insights, the diversity, (and even the vitriol and invective), 700++ voices from the individuals who were there, as well as the multitudes who followed the conference online.

BlogHer and Conference Marketing

Back from two phenomenal days at BlogHer, and now starting to digest some of the things that I’d noticed over the weekend.

Streaming Videos Not the Same as Podcasts

I was intrigued by the PRWeek headline: “Free podcasts become driving force in BMW branding push.”

The Marketing Potential of Second Life

More on the Second Life conference that took place on Friday:

Forbes Magazine Publisher Anti Network Neutrality

I don’t agree with his position, but Steve Forbes makes some good points against Network Neutrality on PodTech.net today. Catherine Girardeau (who’ll be my coworker at PodTech starting on July 6) did an awesome job interviewing Steve.

Yet Another Perl Conference A Week Away

YAPC:NA 2006 takes place June 26th-28th in Chicago, with Larry Wall and Damian Conway providing the keynotes that will sandwich the conference’s events and talks.

PRWeb Evangelist Affiliate Program

PRWeb has announced the launch of their Evangelist affiliate program. Currently in beta, the program is available to a limited number of participants to start.

Social Currency

Just finished the first session at the Innovation Marketing Conference, which was a presentation by Russ Klein, the CMO of Burger King.

Google Chats Up Investors

During a conference call with investors, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and other executives answered questions about their partnerships, rivalries, and products in the industry.

O’Reilly Admits Mishandling Web 2.0 Issue

A post by O’Reilly Media regarding their cease and desist demand letter issued over the use of “Web 2.0″ in a conference name could have been handled better.

O’Reilly Blasted Over Web 2.0 Suit

The man who popularized the phrase Web 2.0 over the past couple of years has been accused of dropping a lawsuit on an Irish non-profit organization for using the term in “flagrant violation” of O’Reilly’s trademark.

JavaOne Wraps Up For 2006

The 2006 version of the JavaOne Conference finished its run with a number of Calls to Action aimed at Java developers.

Building the Business Case for Podcasting

Eric Schwartzman has posted an excellent commentary of his address at the Syndicate conference in New York on how to build the business case for podcasting.

Doc Searls Closes Syndicate Conference

The close of the Syndicate Conference in New York came with Searls’ keynote address, where he touched on the issue of “The Return to Producerism.”

Big Media Feels The Fear

Though its been suggested for some time, Reuters senior VP and GM Steven Schwartz confirmed to his audience at the Syndicate Conference that the competition for advertising dollars with the Internet has the traditional media powers very concerned.