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Online Video and the Mesh Conference

There’s no question that online video has become a phenomenon over the past year or so, whether it’s the rise of YouTube and “user generated” stars like Lonelygirl15 or IsabellaBrave or the increasing use of video blogs by politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Mix and Mesh

If you can’t wait until the mesh conference (May 30 and 31 in Toronto) to talk about all the interesting things that are happening on the Web and how they are changing media, marketing, business and society, then come on out to the next mesh social event.

The first one at the Irish Embassy was so much fun that we decided to have another one.

MySQL – Storage Engine for Amazon S3

I got an email today from O’Reilly today about the MySQL Conference (coming up at the end in April), it looks like a pretty good conference, but one of the sessions caught my eye. It was called A Storage Engine for Amazon S3.

PSFK Conference Recap

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the first conference event put together by Piers and the team at PSFK focused on trends and ideas.  The agenda was very compelling going into it, and I did leave with many interesting insights and new ideas about marketing and communications.  Though I unfortunately had to duck out early due to client commitments, here are a few key observations I made in my notes:

Google Confirms: 301s Better Than 302s

Yes, I am meant to be on holidays and no, I’m not meant to be posting here, but I felt this news was too important to wait another two weeks.

At the Search Summit Conference this week, I had the opportunity to ask Adam Lasnik from Google a question that I get asked a lot: Is it better to use 301 Permanently Moved or 302 Temporarily Moved redirects if you need to move a site to a new domain?

Web Conference Moderators

Most people who work on creating webinars for their company break down responsibilities into two main areas. One function is carried out behind the scenes, setting up the technical side of the event, promoting it, managing registration, and so on. The other side of the coin is the “on air talent”, as the TV industry would put it. This refers to the person or people delivering the material during the event.

Advanced PR Technology in Practice

This Friday, March 2nd, I’m speaking at the Bulldog Reporter conferenceAdvanced PR Technology in Practice, a day-long event discussing how to transform the state of the art into increased visibility, greater ROI and crisis solutions.

The event will be held in Los Angeles at The Olympic Collection.

Google Research: Conference and Hard Drives

The Google Research blog has announced they will be holding a conference on scalable systems on June 23 in Seattle. They’re soliciting speakers and offering free food, all in an effort to spread knowledge about systems that scale in order to handle big jobs for huge amounts of people.

Microsoft Picks Up Another Interesting Person

Michael Gartenberg joins Microsoft. Jeff’s helping to put together an interesting team!

Oh, and Microsoft’s Mix07 conference (which is planned in the group that Jeff is a part of) is getting more and more interesting too. I’ll be there.

I wonder what Ray Ozzie will introduce there. The silence from Ray lately is getting deafening.

eTail 2007: SEO will Probably be Discussed

Josh, a friend of mine works for the company that puts on the eTail conference series. eTail 2007 is arriving soon so I thought I would mention it here for anyone who is interested in attending.

Lawyers Losing Battle of Trademark Policing

ClickZ reports from the the Association of National Advertiser’s Law and Business Affairs conference in New York.

@media 2007 Web Design Conference

The @media 2007 web site has just been launched, and you can now register to attend:

The Designertopia Conference from Microsoft

Hey have you ever heard of the Microsoft Designertopia Conference?

Dan Thies Closes Door on SEO Training

In a recent email newsletter from SEO Research Labs, Dan Thies announces, “As of January 1st, I am closing the doors on my SEO training programs.”

MIT Venture Capital Conference Videos

As I noted a couple of weeks ago, I was a panelist on one of the sessions in the 2006 MIT Venture Capital Conference in Cambridge, MA.

Le Web Conference Meltdown

Wow, I gotta come back to this later, but when I just walked into PodTech’s offices after a day of interviewing and being mostly off of the Net several people came up to me and said “did you hear what happened at Le Web conference?”

Click Fraud, Google, Botnets, And More

For any of our blog readers who also listen to our weekly segment on Webmaster Radio to keep informed on the latest goings-on in the search engine world you’ll know that Jim Hedger has been promising a big story for the past couple weeks. Well it’s finally out there and as promised, he doesn’t disappoint.

Microsoft Enters The Soapbox Derby

Microsoft makes the announcement that it’s online video uploading site Soapbox will not be part of the Windows Live brand.

TechCrunch: Trend and Traffic

#1. Sorry for not blogging these past few days. My daily schedule has gone crazy.

Sullivan’s New Conference: Search Marketing Expo

At SES Chicago, Danny Sullivan had a pleasant surprise for the audience.

Search Continues For CNET Editor

The good news of the rescue of James Kim’s wife and daughters has been tempered by the continued search for the missing editor, who left his family on Saturday to seek help.