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Online Job Openings Fall In July

In July there were 4,084,200 online advertised job vacancies, a seasonal decline of 196,200 or 4.6 percent from the June level, according to the Conference Board Help-Wanted Online Data Series.

What Tech Conference to Attend?

Richard MacManus asks “which tech conferences should I attend?”

I almost answered giving my opinion. But there’s a FAR BETTER way for him to figure that out than ask me what I think. It’s called “Upcoming.org.”

OS Licensing for SaaS
Open Source came before, if not provided a platform for, Software as a Service.  Open Source Licenses have a big loophole for the most common method of software distribution today.  Tim O’Reilly addresses this while making yet another argument for open data.
Measurement & Optimization of SEM
I decided to post a few days late – just to make sure people saw last Tuesday’s X Change Announcement. If you missed the post on our Web Analytics Conference, check it out. This will be a unique, special event.

EbayLive: Godin Spreads Ideaviruses
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We are entering an era of emotional marketing, Squidoo’s Seth Godin told the attendees at eBay Live today. Don’t worry too much if that’s not clear, it will become clearer, as Mr. Intangible Concept explains.

Seth Godin At eBay Live
Seth Godin At eBay Live
XChange Conference

Semphonic, a leading web analytics consultancy today announced the XChange Conference. XChange is a highly focused web analytics conference for and by real world practitioners and web analytics managers, brought together into an intimate setting to share experiences and brainstorm new approaches.

EBay DevCon: PayPal Goes Mobile

After a limpid reception in the US of PayPal’s "Text2Buy" and "Text2Give" features, eBay has launched PayPal Mobile Checkout, a platform more closely mirroring the Web version.

EBay Explores Human Nature, Likes What It Sees
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Okay all you pessimists and realists, you’re not going to like this, but that won’t be all that surprising. EBay chairman and founder Pierre Omidyar says people are basically good, and that basic goodness is what made eBay what it is today.

SES Says No Speaker Exclusivity Planned

Whispers about potentially requiring speakers at Search Engine Strategies conferences to not speak at competitor shows have been dismissed as untrue.

Big Guys Go Startup Shopping

I’m still trying to recover from the incredible two days that was the mesh conference, and will be posting updates and links to video, blogs, photos and reviews as I come across them, but in the meantime here’s a cross-post from my Globe and Mail blog in which I try to catch up with two of the many tech deals that occurred while I was en-meshed:

Jobs, Gates To Share A Stage

The D: All Things Digital conference taking place next week will bring together the two most iconic figures in US technology: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Google on Personalized SEO
At the 2007 Search Summit – The Australian Search Marketing Conference, Aaron D’Souza, Software Engineer, Google Search Quality alongwith co-workers, Maile, Peeyush, Dan, Ada hopped from the US Google offices to share, discuss and learn topics that are dear to Webmasters/SEOs/SEMs/users and their like.

CBS Eyes Silverlight For Local Video

Microsoft’s entry into the cross-browser media player category has received a warm reception from CBS Television, which will use it as part of a community-generated content project for a network of local websites.

Google Earnings Conference Call Quotes

Google announced their earnings in a conference call. Financial details are in their press release here. Below are some of the more interesting quotes from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and VP’s Jonathan Rosenberg, George Reyes and Omid Kordestani.

Microsoft Green Lights Silverlight

Developers are buzzing about Microsoft’s latest release, Silverlight, a video plug-in application that spans video formats, allowing them to viewed through one video channel. Though there is a secret feature to be revealed in the coming weeks, the revealing of Silverlight is already being touted as an affront to Adobe.

Odden on SES NY Day 1

Here I am writing about the Search Engine Strategies conference in NYC and I’m in an airport in Minneapolis – go figure. Even though I’m not at the event physically, I’m certainly there in spirit. Here are the sessions during day one that I would be attending:

Search Engines Prep For SES New York

The major players in online search will have a presence when the Search Engine Strategies conference opens on Tuesday in New York.

More Americans Filing Taxes Online
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With tax season here and the deadline looming for Americans to make their annual payments to Uncle Sam more people are filing their taxes online.

Google Reaches Out To Presidential Campaigns
Google is holding lectures giving tips to political and advocacy group consultants, showing them how to better use all of Google’s services in managing their messages. According to the Los Angeles Times, Google packed 80 consultants into a lecture hall earlier this month, and conducted an hourlong seminar showing:

Social Media & Traditional Press Releases From the Edge

My presentation at IABC’s international conference in June is on “edge” content. While most of you probably are familiar with the notion, it’s an alien concept to most people I talk to.

Social Media and Support Communities

Social Media is a hot phrase currently. It’s an extension of the idea implicit in that Times Magazine selection of YOU (that’s all of us) as Person Of The Year in 2006.

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