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Lollapalooza Streaming Live on YouTube: Today’s Schedule Lollapalooza Streaming Live on YouTube: Today’s Schedule
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As previously reported, YouTube streaming concerts from Lollapalooza all weekend, highlighting how YouTube has become just as good of a vehicle for live, high profile entertainment as it has for silly user generated cat videos. The streaming actually started yesterday, …

MySpace, Say Anything But That
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There’s no need to get Tipper Gore involved or anything. No need to relive that old Twisted Sister mess. But neither MySpace, Fox, nor the band in question has returned requests for comment, and usually, if somebody doesn’t want to talk about it, then it probably should be talked about.

MSN Breaks Record With Live Earth Video Streams
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Sometime Saturday, MSN broke the record for most live video streams, surpassing 10 million. Web surfers that didn’t tune into the Sundance Channel’s all-day coverage of the Live Earth concert, tuned in at MSN.

Two Concerts, One Internet

Two noteworthy festivals, Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz Festival, take place within the next couple of weeks, and both shows will have live feeds available online for music fans.

AIM E-mail Worth A Million

AOL’s debut of free 2GB e-mail boxes for its AIM client users has grown to a million active accounts in five weeks.