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Bon Jovi to Perform For Free in Spain

The world’s economic troubles over the past few years seem to have done nothing to affect concert ticket prices, which have been rising now for decades. It’s a surprise, then, that a rock superstar this week decided to perform a show for free. According to an Associated Press report, Jon Bon Jovi and his backing band announced this week that …

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Beyonce Cancels Show Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Pop superstar BeyoncĂ© is currently in the midst of a world tour called “The Mrs. Carter Show.” Despite the fact that an unnamed source close to her and her husband, Jay-Z, has denied it, rumors of the singer being pregnant are beginning to persist. The couple already have one child, a one-year-old daughter named Blue Ivy. Now, BeyoncĂ©’s health is …

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Katy Perry, Jagger Sing Duet at Stones Concert

The Rolling Stones are still touring and still releasing albums. Meanwhile, the band has managed to stay relevant by using social media to keep its fans engaged and attracting some of the hottest new music stars in the business. This weekend, The Rolling Stones rocked the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with a sold-out crowd. The band’s special guest of …

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Justin Bieber Attacked During Dubai Show

Justin Bieber may be more popular than ever, but the singer’s fame is beginning to have some unfortunate consequences for the 19-year-old pop star. In March, Bieber was accused of “diva-like behavior” after arriving late to a concert in London and being spotted wandering around the city shirtless. The singer addressed reports on his behavior via a rant on Twitter, …

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Watch Coachella Live on YouTube for the Third Year in a Row

Holographic Tupac or not, Coachella looks like it will be a blast this year. And if you’re going to be unable to make it this year, and sadly most of us fall into this category, YouTube is offering a small lifeline. For the third year in a row, YouTube is streaming the entire first weekend of the festival on Coachella’s …

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Rihanna Cancels Concert Due to Laryngitis

TMZ reported this weekend that pop star Rihanna cancelled her scheduled Sunday night concert in Boston. The singer blamed the cancellation on Laryngitis. Live nation stated that the no-show is doctor’s orders for Rihanna, and that the Boston show will now be rescheduled. The singer is still expected to take the stage in Baltimore on Tuesday as scheduled. Rihanna used …

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Kenny Chesney’s Gonna Deliver a YouTube Serenade Tonight

The country music megastar with the allergy to shirt sleeves, Kenny Chesney, is bringing his boot-scootin’ beach bum road show to a lucky 20,000 fans in Wildwood Beach, New Jersey, tonight but if you weren’t able to score a free ticket – yep, tickets were free to this one – fret not. Thanks to YouTube and VEVO, you can tune …

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LivingSocial, AEG Will Help You Nab VIP Passes for The Biebs

LivingSocial, the collective bargaining service helping people get discounts on everything from fish food to hibachi grills, and AEG, one of the biggest sports and entertainment presenters in the world, announced an exciting new partnership today that will bring LivingSocial members some one-of-a-kind deals when purchasing tickets to see their favorite ball team or band. Through the deal, fans will …

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YouTube Promotes Australian Laneway Music Festival

While growing up in Australia in the 90’s, I remember one of the biggest musical events that the country geared up for was the well-known outdoor concert called The Big Day Out. This is a multi-day event where the country’s (and the world’s) big-named rock bands perform in various outdoor stadiums all around the continent. Think of this as basically …

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