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Facebook Making Big Gains In Europe

Facebook is now the sixth most popular Web site in the world with 275 million visitors in February, a 175 percent increase over the previous year, according to comScore.

Facebook has experienced strong growth in Europe, where the site has seen a 314 percent increase to nearly 100 million visitors.

Banner and Video Ad Spending On the Rise
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comScore is sharing some research indicating that despite a recent study from the IAB and Price Waterhouse Coopers saying that display-related ad spending declined in Q4 2008, banner ad spending actually increased.

YouTube Popular With Japanese Internet Users
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In February, nearly 74 percent of Japan’s online population visited an entertainment site, according to a new study from comScore.

Japanese Internet users spent nearly 15 percent of their total online time during the month on these sites, making the entertainment category one of the most popular and engaging content categories.

Tap Tap Revenge Most Popular iPhone App
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Tapulous’ Tap Tap Revenge was the most popular iPhone application in the Apple App Store in February, with 32 percent of users installing the game, according to the comScore Apple App Store Report.

"It’s impressive that a game like Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge can attract a higher penetration among Apple app users than apps for larger and more established brands," said Brian Jurutka, vice president, comScore.

Nearly Half Get News Online in Spain

Research from comScore found that out of the total Spanish Internet audience of 18.3 million people in February, 8.4 million or 46% visited an online newspaper site.

UK iPhone Users Most Active Online
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The majority (93%) of iPhone owners in the United Kingdom accessed mobile media in January, according to comScore.

Mobile email is used by 75 percent of British iPhone owners, making it the most popular type of mobile content consumed on the device.

"Consumers are clearly embracing the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard," said Alistair Hill, analyst, comScore. "The penetration of e-mail usage on the iPhone is more than double that of the smartphone category as a whole."

Facebook Can Drive More Traffic Than Google
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I recently discussed Twitter as a great source of traffic to sites, but the even more popular Facebook can do and is doing the same thing. In fact, reports have Facebook driving even more traffic than Google to some big-name sites.

Flagship Phones Boosting Sales On Carrier Web Sites

comScore has released data from its monthly wireless ecommerce dashboard, which tracks consumer shopping and purchasing behavior, including handsets and mobile data plans, at all of the major wireless carrier sites.

In terms of overall dollar sales on the carriers’ Web sites, the flagship phones being sold were significant revenue generators. Three of the four flagship phones (Apple iPhone, HTC G1, and Blackberry Storm) ranked as the top revenue driver on their respective sites, even though they ranked just inside the top ten models in terms of unit volume.

Online Video Viewing Grows by 10% in the UK

Online video has grown by 10% in the UK in terms of its audience during the past year. It is up to 29.6 million unique viewers age 15 and older according to research from comScore.

4 billion videos were viewed online in the UK in January alone. 99.5 million (2.5%) of these were watched on the sites of the top 5 TV broadcasters: the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky. Here’s a look at the top online video properties:

U.S. Mobile Internet Use Sees Big Increase

The number of people using their mobile device to access news and information online more than doubled from January 2008 to January 2009, according to comScore.

Among the 63.2 million people who accessed news and information on their mobile devices in January 2009, 22.4 million (35%) did so daily; more than double the size of the audience last year.

Yahoo More Popular Than Google In Japan
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In January, 6.8 billion searches were done in Japan, representing a 9 percent increase compared to a year ago and the highest monthly search volume on record.

Yahoo sites took the top spot in search with 3.5 billion searches during the month, up from 13 percent from the previous year, followed by Google sites with 2.6 billion searches (up 5%) and Rakuten with 153 million searches (up 38%). Excite Japan had the strongest growth of any search property in the top ten, growing 362 percent compared to a year ago to 52 million searches.

Economy Shapes Online Search Behavior

Searches for a number of terms related to the economic downturn have shown significant gains in the past year, according to comScore.

The most notable increases were searches relating to the declining job market, including searches using the term "unemployment" (up 206 percent to 8.2 million searches) and "unemployment benefits" (up 247 percent to 748,000 searches).

Compete Confirms Tiny Chink In Google’s Armor
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Due to the recession, the idea of a 0.3 percent drop sounds like nothing at all; plunges of 5, 10, and 20 percent are the norm now.  Still, Compete has released its description of the search market in January, and the report’s sure to turn a few heads with that exact figure. 

Google Most Visited Property In January
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Tax related Web sites had the biggest gains in traffic in the month of January with a 176 percent increase to 24.7 million visitors, according to comScore.

Career and job search sites also saw strong growth during the month. The job search category was up 42 percent to 26.7 million visitors and the career category increased 26 percent to 48.9 million visitors. The growth in both categories can largely be attributed to the increased amount of job losses.

comScore Search Report Reverses Usual Ups/Downs

comScore’s statistics concerning the search market in January have been released, and while they may not quite turn the search world on its head, some people are likely to find them disorienting.   Google’s share, for example, went down. 

The Social Networking Landscape in India and Europe
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comScore released a couple of interesting reports today. The first involves the social networking landscape in Europe. According to comScore, France in particular had a big year when it comes to social networking, growing by 45% with Facebook as the leading network.

comScore Gives Google Maps January Win
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Don’t be surprised if members of the Google Maps team start to favor comScore over competing traffic-monitoring companies.  comScore may have just helped them secure some bonuses by putting Google Maps ahead of MapQuest in terms of unique visitors.

The Online Video Picture in Germany

comScore today provided some interesting insight into online video use in Germany. Among their findings was that the country had 28 million online video viewers watching over 3 billion videos in December.

Google sites completely dominated the market share at 51%. 1.7 billion videos were viewed on YouTube alone over the month. Here’s a look at where other web properties ranked:

New Stats Indicate MySpace Stickier Than Ever
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The expression "healthy as a horse" doesn’t quite seem to apply; perhaps, post-Super Bowl, we could say "healthy as a team of Clydesdales" instead.  Regardless, MySpace has just passed on some user engagement statistics that are very impressive. 

Super Bowl Ads Drive Fans Online
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The role the Internet plays surrounding Super Bowl Sunday activities continues to be an important one, with two-thirds of those who watched the game reporting they went online at some point during the day, according to comScore.

Around 41 percent of respondents said they used the Internet during the actual game, while 33 percent logged on during halftime. Some of their Internet-related activities on game day included going online to watch this years Super Bowl ads (12%), while 8 percent said they viewed previous years ads.

Mobile Internet Growth Driven By Social Networking
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Social networking is attracting new users to the mobile Web in Europe. In November, 34 percent of mobile phone owners in Western Europe who visited social networking sites accessed social media exclusive of all other mobile Web content, according to comScore.

With 12.1 million users in Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K.), mobile social networking is a rapidly expanding category that grew 152 percent from November 2007 to November 2008.