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The Number Of Tweets Is Rising

While a lot of the talk around Twitter is hype and hyperbole and anything else that is based in theory there are some real numbers that Twitter can point to that are hard to ignore. In June, according to comScore as reported by TechCrunch Twitter had 44.5 million visitors to the site. This is a pretty large number on its own, placing it ahead of ESPN and just shy of Craig’s List as well as the BBC’s site.

comScore: Twitter’s Growth Continued In June
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Arguments concerning Twitter’s growth are more common than ever, but Twitter hasn’t topped out yet, at least.  A new report from comScore indicates that the site managed to attract about 19 percent more unique visitors in June than in May. 

MSFT Announces New Reach And Frequency Ad Tool
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Following yesterday’s Yahoo announcement, Microsoft’s wasted no time before making fresh overtures to advertisers.  This morning, it and comScore revealed the existence of a digital media planning solution known as the Reach and Frequency Planner.

According to a formal statement, the RF Planner "will allow brand advertisers to predict reach, frequency and audience composition at the ad placement level.  The RF Planner uses a hybrid audience measurement method that combines Microsoft’s ad serving data with demographic information from comScore’s panel."

Visits To Career Sites Jump In June
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More than 65 million Americans visited career sites in June, representing a 10-percent increase over the previous year, according to a new report from comScore.

CareerBuilder was the most popular site with 21.7 million unique visitors, followed by Yahoo HotJobs with 17.9 million visitors (up 23% over a year ago), and Monster with 14.5 million visitors (up 6%).

Twitter Cracks comScore Top 50 Web Properties
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comScore Media Metrix released its top 50 web properties for the month of June. It’s no surprise that Google sites remain on top with Yahoo and Microsoft in the second and third positions respectively.

Facebook has moved up 2 positions to number 6 though, giving the social network its highest ranking to date. Twitter actually just made its first appearance on the list, coming in at number 46 with 20.1 million visitors.

Smartphones Driving Mobile Banking

The adoption of mobile financial services is dependent on device technology and 3G networks, according to a new report from comScore.

The study looked at how mobile users access their banking accounts and found mobile Web browsing to be the most popular way for both smartphone (44.1%) and 3G users (53.3%), followed by mobile applications (48.1 % of 3G users and 40.6% of smartphone users.

Online Gaming Audience Booming
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The online gaming audience has seen a significant increase in the past year as people are increasingly looking for cheaper entertainment alternatives, driven partly by the economy, according to a new report from comScore.

The category attracted 87 million U.S. visitors in May 2009, up 22 percent compared to a year ago.

YouTube Dominates Video In The U.K.
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The total number of videos viewed online in the U.K. in April grew 47 percent over a year ago to 4.7 billion videos, according to a new report from comScore.

The report found that 21.8 million U.K. Internet users viewed a total of 971 million online display ads on multimedia sites during the month.

Google sites were the most popular U.K. online video property during the month with 2.4 billion videos viewed, an increase of 58 percent compared to a year ago, driven by the popularity of YouTube, which accounted for 99 percent of all videos viewed on the property.

Entertainment Sites Attract 55 Million Americans In May
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Nearly 55 million Americans visited an entertainment news site in May 2009, representing a 7 percent increase over the previous year, according to a new report from comScore.

Online video has also played an increasingly important role for content in the category, with the number of videos viewed growing 53 percent in the past year.

Online Shoppers Wary Of High Shipping Costs

Close to half (45%) of online shoppers have abandoned their carts multiple times in the past three weeks due to high shipping costs, security concerns and lack of convenience, according to a new survey released by PayPal and conducted by comScore.

High shipping costs was the most commonly given reason for cart abandonment with the average cost of abandoning U.S. shopping carts reaching $109. The survey found that providing shipping costs upfront might have led to 40 percent to complete the purchase.

comScore: Bing Gave Strong Showing In Second Week
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Bing’s applause-worthy performance wasn’t a one-week phenomenon, according to fresh statistics from comScore.  The search engine attracted even more users during its second week in existence than in its first, building on an already-impressive gain over Microsoft’s old numbers.

comScore: Facebook Catches MySpace in U.S.
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Although it’s only Tuesday, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Facebook execs start characterizing this as their best week ever.  First the vanity URL offering went off without a hitch.  Then the Swahili language version launched.  Now, new unique visitor stats indicate that Facebook may have defeated MySpace in May.

Facebook Is Now Ahead Of MySpace In The US and Globally
New data from ComScore shows Facebook passing MySpace in total unique US visitors for the first time in May. Facebook had 70.28 million U.S. users in May beating MySpace’s 70.26 million. According to ComScore, Facebook users almost doubled from last year while MySpace lost 5%.

The story is much the same worldwide with 123.9 million unique visitors globally visiting Facebook in May beating MySpace’s 114.6M Facebook had 50.6 billion page views compared to MySpace’s 45.4 billion.

More Bing Numbers Than You Can Shake a Stick At
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Microsoft has not been in the spotlight this much for its offerings in search for quite some time. Whether or not you think Bing is a legitimate contender in the battle for search market share, you can rest assured that all eyes are upon it.

A number of research agencies have revealed new stats reflecting the interest level in Bing. So here is something of a round up of this data.

The Hitwise Numbers

Prepaid Wireless Services Gaining Online Interest
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Online visits and search referral activity to six leading prepaid wireless sites increased 37 percent over the previous year, according to a new report from comScore.

Growth in prepaid wireless was driven primarily by MyCricket (up 107%) and BoostMobile (up 105%), both of which more than doubled in visitation over the prior year. MetroPCS and Net10 also saw solid gains, growing 63 percent and 37 percent, respectively.

Local Content Popular With Mobile Users
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The number of people looking for local information on a mobile device grew 51 percent from March 2008 to March 2009, according to comScore.

The mobile browser is the most popular access method for finding local information, with 20.7 million users in March 2009, up 34 percent over a year ago. The strongest growth in the category is coming from downloaded applications, which grew 83 percent compared to a year ago, followed by SMS at 72 percent.

Bing Has A Good First Week
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Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing got off to a good start during the first week of its public launch, according to an early report from comScore.

The results of the analysis showed a substantial improvement in Microsoft’s position in the search market in the days after Bing’s launch.

Microsoft increased its average daily penetration among U.S. searchers from 13.8 percent during the period May 26-30 to 15.5 percent during the period of June 2-6, an indication that the search engine is reaching more people than before.

Turkey Has The Most Engaged Internet Users In Europe

More than 17 million people in Turkey accessed the Internet from a home or work location in April, viewing an average of 3,044 pages per visitor, according to comScore.

Of the 17 European countries individually reported by comScore, Germany’s online audience was the largest with 40 million visitors in April, followed by the U.K. (36.8 million visitors), and France (36.3 million visitors).

comScore Launches New Online Measurement Service

comScore has introduced Media Metrix 360. a new panel centric hybrid that combines panel based data with Web site server metrics.

"comScore Media Metrix 360 represents an innovative and elegant measurement solution to the increasingly complex digital media landscape," said Dr. Magid Abraham, comScore President and CEO.

Facebook Top Display Ad Publisher In UK
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comScore has announced the launch of its ad tracking service, Ad Metrix within the U.K.

The service offers details about where display ads are viewed online and the demographic information of the audience reached. Ad Metrix also captures multiple varieties of display advertising, including banner ads, rich media and video ads.

Longer Search Queries Hurting PPC Clicks?
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Advertisers using paid search may find that they have to adapt to the habits of searchers. And there have been indications that searchers are using longer queries to find what they are looking for these days.

comScore shares some rather interesting data showing that the number of paid clicks has grown 3 times slower than the total number of queries in the US since January 2007. Look at these graphs:

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