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Microsoft Social Computing Symposium

I’m in Redmond for a Social Computing Symposium.

Read the Freakin’ Blogosphere

Change or die. We hear the phrase all the time. In fact we hear the expression so often that it’s become a drumbeat cliche. Still the change or die mantra is the anthem of the Internet age, like it or not.

TV 2.0

What happens when social computing meets TV?

Phone+ Magazine covers off Mobile Computing

I love free stuff and I get loads of free magazines etc… (why pay when loads of companies give away the stuff!)

The Forrester ‘Social Computing’ Paradox

Charlene Li gives an overview of Forrester’s new “Social Computing” report. Key “tenets of social computing” outlined by Charlene:

Arguing About How to Bring Computing to Poor

Interesting article in New York Times today about Microsoft’s efforts to bring computing to the poor.

Sun Shines On Google Rumors

Google has a custom operating system in use internally, but will they have to share it when they outsource their server farms becomes the big question, at least if you believe what Sun Microsystems has to say.

Gates Dismissive Of Google

Bill Gates thinks that users should benefit from using one search engine or another, and predicts price competition could emerge as engines bid for users.

Importance Of Technology Changes In Business Computing

The importance of keeping up with changes in business computing and technology can be more important over time as your business grows.

Malware: Computing’s Dirty Dozen

It seems that no sooner do you feel safe turning on your computer than you hear on the news about a new kind of internet security threat. Usually, the security threat is some kind of malware (though the term “security threat” no doubt sells more newspapers).

Tablet Computing Founder Writes Against Microsoft

The founder of pen-based computing has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in federal and California courts.

Autonomic Computing A Heartbeat Away

IBM seeks to solve the issue of overly complex computers with the use of self-managing systems.

Personal Computing is Social, and Rotten Apples

Apple was built on piracy. The first personal computer was social. Computer clubs sharing 5 1/4 floppies I, II, Lisa.

Geoffrey Moore: The Role of Open Source Computing

I’m a little bit of a late arriver at this party. Personally, a late adopter. You want to catch up when you are late, but I don’t think sobriety is your strongest suit. Want to talk about what you look like to someone coming late to the open source cultural, personal and technical movement. And why are we where we are now?

MphasiS BFL To Buy Eldorado Computing

The MphasiS BFL Group has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Eldorado Computing, a US based healthcare benefits management solutions firm, for US$ 16.5 million in an all cash deal.

Globus Consortium To Promote Business-based Grid Computing

Power players from the technology industry have joined forces to form the Globus Consortium. The purpose of the group is to promote grid computing within the business sector.

Ebay Marketing: Pros and Cons
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Some people who are eager to enter the online store industry have considered using an eBay store to hawk their wares. For a quick refresher, eBay stores allow sellers to feature their entire inventory, while giving members a limited opportunity to feature their store brand. Although, some have questioned if people have had “success marketing their goods or services through eBay?”

Dell and University of Miami Sign Campus-wide Computing Agreement

The University of Miami and Dell have signed an exclusive, campus-wide computing agreement that is expected to save the university approximately $2 million per year.

CrossRef Launches Google-Powered Crossref Search

Calling themselves the “citation linking backbone for all scholarly information in electronic form”, CrossRef has launched a Google-powered search engine called CrossRef Search. This engine allows users to search the full text of many types of scholarly documents.

Akamai, IBM team for edge computing

Nearly a year after it announceda partnershipwith IBM to push Java computing to the edge of the Internet, Akamai is unveiling a new service that will enable customers to run WebSphere-based applications on its network of edge servers.

Utility Computing: The Next New IT Model

IBM says it’s investing $10 billion in it, some $800 million of that in this slow-tech year alone.