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Do Users And Businesses Have Legitimate Gripes With Gmail?

Google is making waves with Gmail a lot these days for a variety of reasons, and this week, users are freaking out about something the company said in a court document regarding email privacy. Combine that with the new compose box that is getting people riled up, and the recently launched tabbed interface, and a lot of people are finding …

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Gmail’s New Compose Box Is About to Be Your Only Option

If you’ve been temporarily using the old compose view inside Gmail, your days are numbered. Google has just announced that the new Gmail compose box will become the only option within the next few days. “A few weeks ago we added a full-screen option to the new compose. Now that that option is available, we’re saying farewell to the old …

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Gmail’s Compose Box Now Offers Full-Screen Mode (and You Can Make It Your Default)

Google has just given in to the substantial number of Gmail users who’ve been pissed off at them ever since they went and changed how users go about composing emails, and I can already hear the “THANK GOD”s and “FREAKING FINALLY”s beginning to pour in. “After Gmail’s new compose rolled out to everyone in March, many of you sent us …

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Gmail’s New Compose Box Is Rolling Out to Everyone

Google has just announced that they are ready to give all Gmail users the new compose box that they’ve been testing since October. With the new compose enabled, Gmail no longer takes you to a different screen to write a message. When you click “compose,” a small message box pops up in the bottom-right-hand corner of the page. From there, …

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