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Here’s 11 Minutes of 2013’s Funniest (and Dumbest) Vines
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Some internet hero put together an 11 minute-long compilation of the best Vines of 2013 – which would also be the best Vines of all time, since the service didn’t debut until late January. As you’re probably aware, Vines are …

Meta Alert: A Short Film of Films Inside Other Films
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What you’re about to see is a celebration of the movies at one of its most confusing, but oddly purest forms. It’s a compilation video of movies being featured in other movies. Do you remember when the prisoners in The …

Here’s 18 Minutes of 2013’s Best YouTube Fails
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2013 is a little more than halfway over, and that means that idiots have had over 6 months to fail, record themselves failing, and post their videos of themselves failing on YouTube. There’s simply nothing like watching people bust their …