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ASP.Net: Great Products, Great Caching

Fans of ASP.Net products can vote for their choice in the asp.netPro Readers’ Choice Awards online; also, Gadgetopia’s Deane Barker praises the “Output Cache” directive.

Sergey Smokes Larry In Hotties Competition

Valleywag is running “Valleywag Hotties“, a competition asking who the hottest man in geekdom is.

Googling The Competition: Mazda v. Pontiac

After General Motors made a call to television viewers to “Google” the Pontiac brand name, it didn’t take long for Mazda to launch a keyword counterattack. Sponsored search results carried the echo of Mazda marketing snickers as Pontiac searchers were invited to a side-by-side comparison under the link title “Pontiac vs. Mazda.”

Google, iPod Give Noogies To Competition

Nearly three times as many shoppers chose Google over Yahoo! to search for holiday bargains. If a percent were a person, MSN was searched by a dwarf-only .79% of Shopping and Classified site traffic originated from Redmond. And if you’re name’s “mp3 player,” you’ll always be the less talented and unnoticed older brother of iPod. Welcome, MSN and mp3 player, to Charlie Murphy status.

Google Box Has Competition

We are at the beginning of the battle for brand recognition in the Web-to-TV market. As the broadband revolution climbs to critical mass usability, there will be little difference between the Web and TV.

Competitive Marketing Analysis

The keyword in this phrase gives us a hint – “competitive”. The competitive marketing analysis is an in-depth study of your businesss competition and the markets available to you in order to ensure your advertising and public relations budget dollars are spent where they will be most effective.

Creative-Weblogging: Ripoff Or Just Competition?

Jason Calacinis has been incensed over the existence of Creative-Weblogging for some time, and now he’s calling in the litigation airstrike.

Keywords, Competition And Being Number One – Uncovering The Algorithm

By following these steps you will see that most closely guarded secret– the search algorithm. Remember the movie “The Matrix?” The Matrix is there, you just can’t see it. So is the search algorithm.

Using Trade Shows to Investigate Your Competition

Your company is in a precarious position. The marketplace is changing daily. New companies enter the industry. Your competitors are constantly unveiling new products, new services, and/or new marketing strategies. How do you keep up with – or even better, how do you anticipate — these changes?

Municipal WiFiUnfair Competition?

Philadelphia joins the list of the latest municipalities looking to install a city-wide wireless network. As HP and Earthlink place their bids for the project, regional ISPs are crying foul for understandable fears that tax-supported wireless networks will drive them out of business.

SEO & Competition Analysis Part One

Analyzing your competition should be the second step taken during the SEO process (right after and sometimes even during keyword selection). Looking at what and how your competition have positioned their website where you want yours to be placed will lend great insight into how to get yours there.

SEO & Competition Analysis Part Two
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Once you have optimized the onsite factors from part one of this series it’s time to launch into the external factors. External SEO factors generally refer to the internal links to your, and your competitor’s, website.

In Business Planning, Competition is Good
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When developing the competition section of your business plan, companies must define competition correctly, select the appropriate competitors to analyze, and explain its competitive advantages.

Changing Your Position When There’s Competition

Are you finding many of your best prospects already working with competitors? When you pursue a new opportunity, is someone else capturing the prize? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your positioning.

Competition is Good, Copying is Bad

I’ve always been of the opinion that competition is a good thing. It encourages all of us to be better and make better products. While it might be true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, copying someone else’s work is simply wrong.

When is ‘Spying on Your Competition’ a Complete Waste of Time?

Your brain screams “Gimme Fast”, “Gimme Easy”, “Do it for me automatically”! So when you see the headline that reads…

Sun Plans To Burn The Competition By Buying StorageTek

The boards of Sun Microsystems and Storage Technology Corporation or StorageTek have both approved a deal for Sun to buy StorageTek for $37 per share in cash, adding up to about $4.1 billion.

Japan Opening Cellular Market To Competition

Long dominated by three companies, the mobile phone market will see a big change later this year.

Offering More Than Your Competition

Here’s ten simple yet POWERFUL ideas on how to beat the competition.

AnooX Challenges Google and Yahoo To A Competition
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AnooX, the revolutionary Search Engine that delivers the most accurate search results due to our innovative mechanism for search generation that 1st machine generates the results and then continuously re-generates them based on the majority Vote of the People – invites Google and Yahoo to a contest to see who actually delivers the more accurate search results.

Yahoo Asks Users To Take The Y!Q Challenge

In order to promote the upcoming launch of their Y!Q contextual search service, Yahoo is holding a contest to find who can use Y!Q in the most innovative method.