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A Widening Spectrum Of European Professional Blogs

I’ve been following the expansion of corporate and organizational blogging in Europe for a while now.

IBM Releases 500 Patents For Open Source Community

With one of the largest embraces of the open source community ever, IBM has announced that it will be releasing 500 software patents to open source developers, establishing a platform for increased innovations.

Million Dollar Ideas
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Nope, not talking about Oprah and the Pontiac G6. That idea would be worth $7 million.

Using Open Source Software to Compete with the Big Guys
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One of the most frequent questions I am asked, or read about lately, is how to look professional enough to compete with the big guys.

Firefox Community Underwrites New York Times Ad

Spread Firefox reports that it ran a two-page ad in today’s New York Times under written by 50,000 customer evangelists.

Leveraging your Holiday Sales Volumes and Getting your Business in the Consumers Minds

As people hustle and bustle about trying to get those last minute gift ideas ready before the big day hits, spending is up and sales run rampant, as marketers get ready for that special time of year.

Own Your Niche by Building a Niche Community

In 1997, David Steele was making the transition from a professional therapist to relationship coach. Part of his strategy was to become a center of influence and THE Relationship Coach for his community.

Yahoo Search Team Parties In Las Vegas

The Yahoo Search team is back from the WebmasterWorld conference in Las Vegas. It sounds like they had a great time conferencing.

IBM’s Global Humanitarian Effort

IBM, along with representatives of science, education and philanthropic organizations, have launched World Community Grid.

Sun Java Tool for Mac and x86 Developers

Sun Microsystems has made available the latest version of its breakthrough visual development environment, Sun Java Studio Creator.

Unisys Joins Red Hat Partner Community

Red Hat announced that Unisys has joined the Red Hat Partner Community.

Search Engine Optimizing Toward The Hispanic Community
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There has been a running discussion among the SEO community about whether or not going through the efforts of optimizing web content for Hispanic visitors is a valid exercise. Some believe that optimizing and marketing towards a community that isn’t known as being search engine savvy (a misconception) isn’t a worthwhile endeavor.

10 No-nonsense Tactics in Promoting Your Home-based Business

No man is an island. This adage is especially true in business. Without the community, you would have no business.

Orkut Community Info Leaked

An email posted on the Blogoscoped blog from Rolan Yang of New Jersey, “A while back, an associate of mine aquired a mirror of the entire Orkut website.” He plugged the information into a data mapper to map out the relationships between Orkut members within the US.

Boost Profits: Market to the Gay Community

Research shows that the gay and lesbian market is worth cultivating, no matter what your product or service. Despite the cultural changes during the past fifty years the gay and lesbian market is still relatively untapped. According to GLINN (the Gay/Lesbian International News Network) from 1996-1998 the annual value of the gay and lesbian market was 514 billion dollars. Online research conducted by Community Marketing Inc. in San Francisco from 2001-2003 showed that gay and lesbian travel accounted for 54.1 billion in annual spending in the United States alone. This research also concluded that approximately 76% of gay and lesbian household incomes are above the national average of $40,000 per year.

Design for Community: An Interview with Derek M. Powazek

Derek has worked on community features for Netscape, Nike, and Sony, along with creating the community sites, {fray}, Kvetch!, and SF Stories. Christine Perfetti, a consultant at User Interface Engineering, recently talked with Derek about his experience. Here is what he had to say about creating effective online communities:

Response to SCO’s Open Letter

Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens respond to the SCO Group: Mr. McBride, in your “Open Letter to the Open Source Community” your offer to negotiate with us comes at the end of a farrago of falsehoods, half-truths, evasions, slanders, and misrepresentations. You must do better than this. We will not attempt to erect a compromise with you on a foundation of dishonesty.

Designing For The International Community

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Julian Tandy, webmaster: Nissan Rally Raid Team.

Oh dear! The Inf-Inet site failed my first and most critical site test – download time. The site may be fine for a US broadband audience but for us slow poke modem bound Europeans it is to slow to load.

3D for Flash

Swift 3D is the most versatile tool for creating web-ready 3D animations for use with Macromedia Flash. Through the combination of an easy-to-use interface, the industry standard vector exporter and a full ray tracing rendering engine, Swift 3D enables 3D novices and veterans alike to quickly create high-quality 3D animations. Swift 3D exports to both raster and vector file formats including Macromedia Flash (SWF), AI, EPS, JPEG, BMP and more, making it the ultimate tool for publishing your 3D designs wherever you want.

Moonlighting Idea: Community Speechwriter

All sorts of people give speeches, not only politicians and executives of international conglomerates. Virtually every major life event involves some sort of speech. For example, toasts are offered at weddings, eulogies at funerals, roasts at retirement, anniversary, and company gatherings, and presentations at a variety of events. Everyone makes a speech sometime — which is why it is consistently ranked as the #1 fear.

10 Benefits Of Starting An Online Community!

1. People will revisit your web site to participate on your discussion board or chat room. They will meet other people with similar interests and your web site will become a hang out were they can chat.