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Apple Plus Intel Equals Surprised Mac Community

A rumor from mid-May about a possible switch from IBM to Intel chips may be about to become fact at today’s Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Skype Blogs To Create Community
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Skype has started a blog – and it looks very good indeed. This could be a great example of how a blog can play a key role in building and cementing positive relationships with customers.

Yahoo! Introduces Media RSS 1.0

Media RSS, which Yahoo! first introduced late last year, is now a full-release syndication standard for media content.

Microsoft Gets Community Sites Mad At Them

Earlier today I found out Microsoft was asking community sites to pull down screen shots of Longhorn. Aaarrrrgggghhhh.

Blog Promotion: Message Boards and Forums
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Almost everyone is searching for ways to promote and market their blogs. I’m sure you are no exception.

Targeting Through Tagvertising

Editor’s Note: In today’s issue, Steve takes a look at a new phenomenon in advertising called “tagvertising”. For example, many web users employ this form of bookmarking to keep track of items of interest, essentially, tags become online bookmarks.

Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0?
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The following is also my April column for iMedia Connection… Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0… Already? As you read this, millions of individuals are working under their own volition to create a new Dewey Decimal System for the internet.

Map Wars heat up

There’s a community being built around Google’s Maps. Very cool I’m jealous.

Now, I’ve seen Microsoft’s future mapping strategy and I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Don’t count us out yet. After all, we have TerraServer and a few other things that work well on maps.

Meet the Community at OSBC

Panel with Brian Behlendorf from Apache/Collabnet, Josh from PostgreSQL, Chris Hoffman from Mozilla, Larry Wall from Perl and David Wheeler from Bricolage. Moderated by Christian Einfeldt, “How these communities result in 1 + 1 = 5…”

Blaster Author To Perform Community Service

Jeffrey Lee Parson, author of the Blaster-B Internet worm, settled his case with Microsoft today. In January, Parson was sentenced to 18 months in prison for launching a denial of service attack against the Redmond-based company.

goWholesale Launches Community Forum and Local Auction Search

This week goWholesale launched new features on its web site, including a Community Forum and Advance Local Search for bulk online auctions.

Brand Humanity Webinar Series

What are blogs, and how do they relate to our business? Can you make money blogging…

Crossfader: Community Site For Musicians Opens

Crossfader is up now: Crossfader is an online community for the global electronic artist.

MSN Search – Flop with Search Community

I’m pretty certain that it’s not just me that has noticed that MSN Search is just not cutting it within the Search community, or even the wider tech/media blogging circles.

Craigslist is a Community, Not an Application

A few days ago, I read of Rohit’s speculation about an “open source” craigslist. At the time I wanted to shake my head and write something about how he’s completely missing the point.

How to Spread a Meme

Bud Gibson explains how to propagate a meme (definition) through Technorati and del.ico.us.

Reporter Asks Bloggers for Story Assistance

Again here’s more evidence that reporters and bloggers are collaborating on stories. Rick Broida posted a request …

Yahoo Adding Video Search Tab

Yahoo announced in their blog tonight that it is integrating video search into tabs on the Yahoo front page.

Linux: A Very Different Business Model

For its 31 January edition, Business Week has an intriguing story online about Linus Torvalds, the Finnish creator of the …

Top 100 RSS feeds

Blogging service Radio Userland has a very useful list of the top 100 most subscribed-to RSS feeds.

The Blogging Community Look Like Idiots

This International Bloggers’ Bill of Rights makes the blogging community look like idiots.