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Community is Google’s Achilles Heel

BusinessWeek covers the Google/Nike soccer tie-up in more detail. There’s one passage deep in the story that popped off the page…

Freecycle and On-Line Local Community Software
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On Friday, Jon Udell came to visit Yahoo and give a longer version of the presentation he delivered at this year’s ETech conference.

For Search Engines, the Largest Community Wins

The BBC looks at how the search engine war has moved to a new battlefield.

Could Community Wikis be the Tipping Point?

At the New Communications Forum last week, pretty much everybody agreed that blogs were no fad, but wikis evoked a less enthusiastic response.

AOL AIMs For Development Community

The Open AIM software development kit and support website moved into the public view Monday morning, and third-party developers have begun downloading the SDK to give it a try.

Feature Complete Vista Expected This Week

IDG says Microsoft will release a new Community Technology Preview of Windows Vista this week.

Imagine if Chevron Had Used a Blog Instead

Listening this morning to a BBC World Service radio interview with Peter Robertson, vice-chairman of the Chevron oil company, I was struck in particular by his commentary about a website where the public can join Chevron in an online discussion about the future of energy.

Finding Community On The Radio Dial

Paul Adams (via Seth) wonders “why radio stations can’t ping you by sms or even phone when they play a song you request.

Murdoch: MySpace The Next Big Portal
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Take the News Corp publisher’s vast fortune, add it to the very popular social networking site MySpace, and suddenly Rupert Murdoch is playing Fox to the major portal sites like MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.

Bloggers Commit: New Years Resolutions 2006
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New Years Resolutions are a staple of life. As the calendar changes from the old year to new, people get the urge to turn a page in their own lives.

RSS Evolving As A Message Medium

The RSS & Brand session at the Syndicate Conference discussed the potential for RSS feeds to become a preferred way to get the message from businesses to consumers; now the technology just needs more users to begin using it.

Community Marketing Gets The Buzz

When it comes to technology and the Internet, buzzwords fly faster than a swarm of bees around a field of flowers; but when it comes to community, publishers need to listen to what it can offer them.

Craigslist Aims For Community Journalism

A new project from the founder of popular online classifieds site Craigslist will extend citizen journalism to fix trust issues Americans have with journalism.

Blog Message Boards: A Blog Traffic Builder

Everyone is searching for ways to promote and market their blogs. I’m sure you are no exception.

Online Community Aids in Katrina Relief Efforts

Along with our colleagues in other parts of the tech sector, the search engine community is starting to respond to the devastation Hurricane Katrina left along the northern Gulf coast.

Craigslist Online Community Helping Katrina Community

The online community known as craigslist is a San Francisco based site built in local classifieds and community forms. They’ve put together a page to help Katrina survivors put things together.

General Community Sites Hear Ka-ching Sound

The latest figures from Nielsen//NetRatings and its AdRelevance service show incredible ad revenue growth.

Local Search Makes Your Business a Big Fish in Your Local Community

The Internet Contains Billions of Website Pages – All Clamoring for Attention

Pluck Tweaked For Firefox Users

The makers of the RSS reader for IE have extended support to Firefox browsers with its newest release.

Cisco Uploads Motivation 1.0 To Black Hat Community

Incensed by the networking company’s hostile treatment of former ISS researcher Michael Lynn, several hackers now seek to find new flaws in Cisco’s software.

Ebay Open To Development

The online auctioneer has announced a new web site to help developers build applications for eBay and PayPal.