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Google Opens Orkut To All

Google has (finally) removed the invite barrier to Orkut, letting anyone with a Google account register for the service.

MyBlogLog Community

Peter Davis ran with a theme I wrote about in The Long Tail of Linking – building a professional peer group.

SugarCRM Releases 4.5 In Beta

SugarCRM released the beta version of its customer relationship management (CRM) software Sugar 4.5. The release adds functionalities like personalized views, internationalization and support for Microsoft Windows Server products.

Community Podcast directory?

Dave Winer linked over to a Canadian podcast directory. That’s very cool.

Skype-Per-Minute Widget Launches

Your time is valuable. Is it by-the-minute valuable? If you think so, Jyve and Click&Buy have developed a Skype-based plug-in called JyvePro to help you monetize your oh so powerful noggin.

PR Community Action on Social Media Press Release

Whether journalists are ready or not for the social media press release, the PR community now has a great opportunity to thoroughly discuss the concept and try to get some traction with the whole idea of evolving the press release into something far more valuable than purely a vehicle for transmitting messages.

Microsoft Builds CodePlex Developer Site

Open source and Microsoft would have been an oxymoron a decade ago, but Microsoft has begun embracing the sharing ethos that has given the world software like Linux and the Apache web server.

Netscape Back with Hybrid Journalism Site

Netscape is back baby and in a big way.

JD Edwards, Red Hat, Oracle vs SAP Growth…

News on Applications Unlimited – Oracle’s plan to enhance JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel applications on an on-going basis.

JavaOne Wraps Up For 2006

The 2006 version of the JavaOne Conference finished its run with a number of Calls to Action aimed at Java developers.

SAPPHIRE Blogger Corps

Attending SAPPHIRE as a credentialed blogger was not only a wonderful personal experience, but perhaps a watershed moment for how enterprises engage in social media.

Shai Agassi on Community Value

Shai Agassi held a private Q&A after his keynote. Of interest to me was his comments on their largest online community, the Software Developer Network:

JCP Awards Set For JavaOne

The Java Community Project Program Management Office disclosed the nominations for the 2006 JCP Program Annual Awards in five categories.

P&Gs Community Relations Blog

Jaffe Juice points us to a P&G community relations blog: Notes from the Front Line.

ColdFusion Spurs A Trio Of Podcasts

A pugnacious pursuer of ColdFusion information can discover knowledge and product tips through podcasts available online.

Make XP Media Center Look Like Vista
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Green Button community member CM_MC has created a theme for Windows XP’s Media Center that gives it some of Windows Vista Media Center’s stylings.

Entrepreneurs: Community Leadership

Small business is the backbone of the economy. Small businesses hire the vast majority of new employees. Independent businesses are leaders in their community as well.

Gay Community Embraces Online Travel

Gays and lesbians are more likely than heterosexuals to make travel arrangements online, according to a new poll by Harris Interactive. What’s more, the gay community is several times more likely to cite fair treatment in their top three most important considerations for choosing hotels.

Silas Partners and Web 2.0 in the Christian Community

Churches and ministries are really getting into blogging, podcasting, and yes, even social networking sites.

Using the Power of Many to Fight Spam

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that we all hate spam. I bet even the spammers themselves hate receiving it.

Google And Nike Launch Soccer Community
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Nathan has details of Joga, a new site for soccer (real FOOTball) fans launched by Google and Nike.