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IBM Seeks PC Time For World Community Grid

A little CPU could go a long way toward making inroads on several medical research fronts, including cancer, muscular dystrophy, and AIDS, and IBM promotes its World Community Grid to help with that.

Community Spam Deletion’s Downside

Andy Beard has an interesting article about Akismet’s spam deletion service (I use it here – if I didn’t, you’d have thousands of pieces of spam get through to my comment area every day).

I have noticed that the numbers of false positives (comments of yours getting deleted) are going up. But I’ve been going through and adding those back in.

Jimmy Wales Wants To Go Tabloid

His Wikia company launched three new projects where people can collaborate on topics in a community of like-minded, active users.

Digg and StumbleUpon Engage Community

It seems not a day goes by that a new “Digg-clone” pops-up on the radar and everyone chastises them for copying the popular voting model.

Validating Open Source IP Indemnity

Roberto writes that Sun has agreed to include an Italian dictionary and thesaurus (from the Italian Native-Lang Project team) in the official OpenOffice.org distro. Congrats to Roberto & team!

Open Up & Say Growth

Matt points to an interesting article about using an open business model.

Innovation, Maintenance and Open Source

A NetworkWorld article quotes Google’s GM of Enterprise Business as saying:

Brands and Community

Brands love community. But do they know what it is? The growth of social networks has forced marketeers to view their consumers differently.

What Communities Does Your Website Belong In?

Right now search relevancy algorithms are heavily tied to overall authority, but given enough time publishers and search marketers will undermine that measure of relevancy the same way that keyword density and raw PageRank died off.

Open Source and Career Opportunities
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Matt Asay has some good advice for folks asking him for career advice: “Work for an open source company.”

Some MyBlogLog Tools

MyBlogLog has been growing leaps and bounds since it’s launch about 6 months ago.

Integrating w/ (Future) Competition

Alex Fletcher has a nice list of hypothetical new year’s resolutions for the open source community.

Gay Community More Active In Social Networks

Extrapolate all you want about why it is or whether it’s good, the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community has found a home online in social networks, taking to the new medium like rams to, well, other rams. According to a poll by Harris Interactive, the GLB community is much more active in Web 2.0 than their heterosexual counterparts.

WAS CE vs. Apache Geronimo

Based on the number of hits this blog is getting with the search term “Geronimo vs. WAS CE”, it appears that there is some confusion about the similarities and differences between Apache Geronimo and IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE).

Market Timing in New Verticals
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I recently made another post about the importance of brand building and niche markets, and Solomon Rothman commented that one way to go niche is to go stylized / have a unique delivery approach, which is totally valid.

Information Security Fundamentally Broken

In May of 2006 I read an article by Noam Eppel on Security Absurdity, Why information security is broken, which can be downloaded here to read the original article.

600 New WAS Community Edition Partners

IBM announced last week that more than 600 partners have joined the WAS Community Edition (WAS CE) partner initiative that was launched 6 months ago. And that over 200 ISVs have already developed applications that support WAS CE.

Matt Asay: Sun Gets it – But What is it?

Matt Asay believes that Sun’s rumored move to put the Java SE reference implementation under the GPL shows that “Sun is one of the few BigCo’s” that really gets open source.

Marketing Through forums and Social Networks
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When Yuri interviewed me one of his questions was in regards to finding clients through forums. I thought I’d expand a little on that question and talk about how to use forums to market yourself and your business.

Eclipse Turns 5 Years Old

Leave a message for the folks in the Eclipse community that make Eclipse such a great development platform.

OpenJavaEE and OpenJDK

There’s a lot of confusion about what Sun actually intends to do when they use the term “open source java”.