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Looking for Answers from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers has some explaining to do.

Marketing: Content, Context, Community

In a previous article I talked about the 3 C’s of Marketing as explained at John Jantsch’s Duct Tape

Google Looks To Improve Health Search
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When searching for health information online, it’s hard to know what sites are trustworthy. Google has a system for marking authoritative results, but by the company’s own admission most users are unaware of how to interpret the indicators. So how can the experience of searching for health-related information be improved?

MarketWatch Seeks Community ‘MarketPerception’

MarketPerception will allow stock market followers to invest their opinions in what they think will happen with a stock over the course of a trading day.

Yahoo: Hispanic Community Is More Tech-Savvy

Online U.S. Hispanics adopt media and technology at a greater rate than the rest of the population, according to research from Yahoo Telemundo and Experian Simmons Research.

Hispanics are at the top of the general market when it comes to "media meshing" and the use of key mobile phone features as they spend over half of their day with television, Internet and technology gadgets.

Community and ROI

The firms I talk to about community building seem to fall into two categories – those that want a Web community right now, and those that question the very value of communities.

Flickr Featurs Foto Filtrs

If you’re afraid of seeing photos on the Flickr site that don’t quite match your personal tolerance for adult content, the image sharing site has a new filtering feature that you should enjoy. Photographers who see themselves as artists may not be as enthused.

Social Media and Support Communities

Social Media is a hot phrase currently. It’s an extension of the idea implicit in that Times Magazine selection of YOU (that’s all of us) as Person Of The Year in 2006.

SXSW: Community Ecology

SXSW Liveblogging: Community Ecology: Finding Balance When Working with Fan Groups

"How to best nurture your online community ecosystem in order to avoid fan burnout, maintain balance between community and company goals, and drive business success."

SXSW: World Domination Via Collaboration

"Many companies are so focused on the goal of building a community in order to exploit it that they skip a crucial step that ultimately hurts their business plan: Collaborating with users/customers to build a product or experience that can dominate the market because it’s great. It is possible to strike that balance: Building community, maintaining credibility, meeting organizational objectives.Meet company leaders whose models are steeped in user collaboration — and who have been working on the ground level themselves."

Major Media Explores Web 2.0

In the past week, USA Today has jumped into the water of Web 2.0 by adopting a social media platform to allow readers and editors to begin having a conversation. This is yet another significant benchmark in adoption of social media. USA Today is a well known media outlet that services a nationwide audience:

Per the USA Today media kit

Opera Community Site Reaches Everywhere

From the desktop to the mobile, even to the Nintendo Wii, Opera Software’s free networking site offers its users several points of access.

CBS SportsLine Relaunches
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CBS SportsLine, an Internet sports media organization and part of CBS Interactive has launched its redesigned Community homepage, providing registered users with more ways to contribute to the site and interact with other members.

 The redesigned community enables members to create a "reputation" on the site by contributing to message boards, connecting with other users, taking part in fantasy games and by the overall frequency of their behavior.

USA Today Goes Social

With the significant redesign of USA Today’s website, the Gannett publication has taken steps to making its audience part of the news presentation.

ViTrue Chips Away With Online Video Community

ViTrue, a consumer-created advertising platform is working with Pringles to create the snack food

Flickr Readies 333 Birthday Party

The photo community site has a party planned for Saturday, March 3rd, in San Francisco to celebrate Flickr’s third birthday.

TauMed Takes Health Vertical To Community

Health care verticals have begun to build a foundation on the Internet. TauMed’s founder Tauseef Bashir wants people to enjoy a healthy online community along with the most relevant health information they can find.

CIPR: Social Media Guidelines

Last November, the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) issued a call to action to the PR community inviting comment on a discussion paper about the opportunities and risks social media present in public relations practice.

The CIPR’s plan was to incorporate it into the association’s code of conduct for members, following the public consultation.

Steps to Cultivating a Blog Community

Andrey Milyan has graciously accepted my contribution’s to SearchMarketingStandard.com and I am proud to be a contributor on such an up and coming Search oriented magazine.

For my first post I decided to talk about cultivating a blog community and how to set yourself up for success in 10 easy steps.

A Comic Book Community From MySpace

Social networking site MySpace has branched out into the world of comic books. Late last week MySpace launched MySpace Comic Book community, “a Place for Comic Books”.

Harmful MyBlogLog Exploit

You know how when you goto peoples websites it knows your there? That is because of your cookie. Unfortunately that same cookie can also be used for a cross site script basically making you execute commands without your knowledge. I do not what to get into the exact code to make this work but I see people are doing it now.

If you look at my profile on MyBlogLog You will see 2 sites that I did not add.

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