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Google Letting Users Post Their Health Records Online

Before we get started I need to tell you that I will need to fight a strong bias here to write about the issue of health records online. I have some google-health-logobackground in the use, power and neglect of medical records from my days in the insurance business.

A Great Story Of Making A Sale On Twitter

Want to hear a great Internet marketing story? It has a very happy ending. Well, let’s not get ahead of the story.

Twestivals: Twitter Communities Meeting In Real Life

twestivalbadge If you’re a Twitter user, you like the idea of extending your virtual community into the real world, and you’d be keen to help a worthy cause, Twestival is right up your street.

YouTube Calls For Help in Youth Violence Fight
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In an effort to crack down on Youth Violence, YouTube is calling upon its community of users to help flag videos uploaded to the site that feature underage people doing violent things like fighting each other. Once a video is flagged, the YouTube team will review it and decide if removal is justified.

One Laptop Per Child Project Visit

Lots of you heard a lot of hoopla about the OLPC project (er, One Laptop Per Child). This is a strange little machine that’s aimed at bringing computing to kids around the world. It’s been a while since I heard anything about it, other than they had started shipping with both Linux and Windows, which shocked a few people in the community who saw that as something negative.

Twitter Turns Off SMS Updates

I wasn’t going to give Twitter’s "we’re stopping SMS text messages in most countries" announcement much real estate today, then a single comment gave me pause for thought.

First, the background:

Become A Part Of Windows Live’s New User Community

Just noticed this post on the Windows Live Messenger Blog:

We here at Windows Live love to create software that makes keeping in touch with your personal community fun and exciting. If you love to chat on Windows Live Messenger, use Windows Live Writer to post to your Windows Live Spaces page and post photos from Windows Live Photo Gallery then we have just the community for you.

Healia Enters Healthcare Community Mix
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The launch of Healia Communities adds to a growing mix of sites all aimed at providing a common ground for people, ailments, and the ability to connect with others online.

Microsoft Opens Door To AdCenter Community
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A new community site to support Microsoft’s adCenter clients opened during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Sex, Lies, And Wikipedia
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Before we get into this (and this is a guiltily delicious journey you may or may not decide to take), please consider what level of perfection you expect your Web icons—even the ones who refer to themselves as "spiritual leader"—to be on. While you’re doing that, pretend he’s not a Web icon, and decide what is forgivable in a regular (mortal) man.

Top Ten Sphinn Posts for the Year

Since we are winding down the year of 2007, I thought it would be appropriate to put together what I thought are the top 10 blog posts about Sphinn that have been written in 2007.

Advice for Reputation & Brand Management

Recently I had a chance to post at WPW some reputation management help for Rebecca Kelly from SEOmoz.org. Here is the thread from WPW:

Reputation Management Advice

Community Relations & Social Media

This post is in memory of Marc Orchant, an amazing friend, father, and geek, whom I will miss dearly. Marc was supposed to participate in this discussion. His unexpected passing has us all devastated. Our prayers and support are with his family.

Microsoft Community Apps

In an attempt to compete with Google Apps, Microsoft has launched Windows Live Community Builder. The idea behind Microsoft’s new service is to allow businesses or non for profit organizations to obtain a more engaging and deeper connection with their community through customized applications like email, photo service, messenger, writer, livedrive and more.

Microsoft Launches Alternative To Google Apps
Microsoft launched Windows Live Community Builder without any fan-fare or hoopla. This comes shortly after launching Live Search Webmaster Tools For Business.

Red Hat and Hyperic Finally Made Me Happy

I previously questioned Red Hat’s apparent lack of love for Hyperic. Today, Stacey Schneider, Senior Director of Marketing at Hyperic, tipped me off to a joint Hyperic & Red Hat announcement.

Social Networking Community Using Facial Recognition

Raxxle.com announced at the Ad:Tech Conference that they’re releasing its new social networking community for beta testing.

YouTube Community Council Gathers

At YouTube, there was always the unseen establishment – some system of people and machines that kept things running and yanked the occasional video.  And then there were the masses – users who didn’t seem to have much of a voice.  YouTube’s now elevated some of those users to the YouTube Community Council, though.

House Committee Approves Broadband Census Act

Back to back bills in the Congress offer a glimmer of hope to those concerned about the state of broadband penetration in America; back to back moves show a Congress willing to step up where the Federal Communications Commission has failed.

Community Broadband Act To Reach Senate

The bipartisan Community Broadband Act, supported by some well-known US senators, was passed out the Senate Commerce Committee today and will proceed to the full Senate for a vote.

Facebook – A Framework in Search of Purpose

The one thing that’s interesting about Facebook is that it’s really a framework in search of a purpose. What’s not interesting about Facebook is that Microsoft just bought a tiny sliver of it for 240 million dollars.

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