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Dodge Viper Ordered to be Destroyed by Chrysler

Last month, every car enthusiasts’ hearts were broken as news was reported that a sinkhole had swallowed eight Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Unfortunately, the nightmare for car aficionados everywhere has yet to end. A decade ago, Chrysler made an extremely generous gesture and gave certain schools around the country a pre-production model of the …

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Community College Beat Second MLB Team In Three Years

Remember the community college baseball team that beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3 years ago? Well, they did it again. This time they beat the Baltimore Orioles 2-1 in what manager Buch Schowalter called a “controlled scrimmage.” Yeah right. To be fair to the Orioles, they did supply both the pitchers and catchers to the tired Manatees for the charity game. …

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