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Blogs Force PR Pros to Put Their Journalist Hats On

There’s a fascinating article on PR and blogging in today’s Globe and Mail. In the piece, Richard Edelman comments extensively on how blogs …

A Closer Look At Microsofts Real-time Communication Suite

This week marked the launch of Microsoft’s complete revamped enterprise-level communications package. The expressed goal of the real-time collaboration suite is to offer vast improvements over the current state of enterprise communication.

Is Communications Up To Running Intranet?

The natural home of the intranet is in communications. However, intranet management requires particular skills that many traditional communications departments don’t have.

Hitchiker’s Guide to the Blog Universe

On Thursday of this week, I’ll be one of four panelists speaking at a lunchtime meeting …

Blogging and RSS Make The Event

Ian Betteridge, Technovia: Demo is getting a vast amount of attention because [there] are a vast number of bloggers there, all pouring what must amount to thousands of words onto the Internet about it.

New Communications Forum – Photos

I’ve just uploaded 39 photos I took at the New Communications Forum 2005 conference last week in Napa, California …

Lots of talk about Napa New Communications Forum

Arrived home late yesterday from the New Communications Forum 2005 conference in Napa, California. A truly oustanding event …

Blogging Jump-Starts Your Relationships

I had the great pleasure of meeting Christopher on Friday in Burlingame, California. This was the first time we’d ever met, yet it was as if we were simply extending a facet of a relationship we already had.

SBC AT&T Deal Still Unthinkable?

SBC Communications is talking about a possible takeover of AT&T which would create the largest phone company in the U.S.

Crisis Communications Blogs – Use Them Cautiously

Blogs have a role to play in crisis communications. In some ways those communication features we need in a crisis are inherent in blogs.

New Communications Forum: Day 1

From my own perspective, the first day of New Communications Forum 2005 has been an enlightening experience.

Bloggers Blasted For Ignoring Pay-For-Promotion

US press critic and writer Jay Rosen takes a hefty swipe at PR bloggers, with a blanket accusation …

Gearing up for the New Communications Forum 2005

Planning proceeds apace for New Communications Forum 2005, the twin conferences taking place in the US and France, the first of which is scheduled for 26-27 January in Napa, California.

Client Communications as Ranking Tools – Blogs

Blogs have had a profound effect on communications and marketing since their development and early adoption but are still a mystery to many. According to Google Definitions (enter: define:Blog into Google search window), Blogs can be several things to different people but the simplest definition of the word is “web log”, or B-log for short.

Microsoft Releases Office Live Communications Server 2005 for Manufacturing

Microsoft today announced the release to manufacturing of Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005.

Client Communications as a Ranking Technique: Blogs, Newsletters and SEO

For the past year or two, search engine optimizers have been advising their clients to acquire links and improve site content in order to attract spiders and enhance rankings.

Atheros Communications Announces Strategic Cooperation with TP-LINK Technology

Atheros Communications today announced its strategic cooperation with TP-LINK Technology.

Socket Communications Joins Siebel Alliance Program

Socket Becomes Partner and Successfully Integrates Bar Code Scanning Products With Siebel Business Applications Software, Provides a Portable Way to Enter Data into Mobile Handheld Devices.

FindWhat.com CEO to Present Kaufman Bros. 7th Annual Communications, Media and Technology Conference

FINDWHAT.COM announced that Craig Pisaris-Henderson, FindWhat.com’s chairman and chief executive officer, will present at the Kaufman Bros. 7th Annual Communications, Media and Technology Conference September 8-9, 2004.

One Voice and ABS Computer Technologies Release Industry’s First Communications Enabled Windows XP Media Center PC

Full Featured Media Center PC Offers E-Mail Access, PC-to-PC Audio and Video, PC-to-Phone Calling and Instant Messaging.

First Virtual Communications Denied Request for Extension to Meet NADAQ Listing Requirements

First Virtual Communications, today announced that on August 24, 2004 the Company was notified that its request for an extension to comply with Nasdaq’s listing requirements had been denied.