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Cisco Updates Communications Tools

The networking company will make new tools for Web conferencing and other communication needs available by late 2005.

Mitsui & Co. Helps Feedster Expansion

Japan’s Mitsui & Co. announced that it has made an investment in blog and RSS search engine Feedster, but the company did not say how big the investment actually is.

Search Engine Strategies 2005 San Jose

Why go to San Jose in August? A chance to learn about the latest and greatest ways to benefit from the potential offered by search engines, that’s why.

Businesswomen’s Dilemma: The Double Bind of Communications

Most women are damned-if-they-do and damned-if-they-don’t when it comes to communicating in the male-dominated world of business. In order to compete, they must find a delicate balance between authority and likeability.

The Future of Communications – Voice Over Internet Protocol

When was the last time that you were able to make a long-distance call for free? If you said “never”, you probably have not been introduced to VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

FreeNews is a Winner

Over the past several months I have been playing around with mobile RSS readers. These include Newsgator Mobile Edition, Bloglines Mobile and My Yahoo! Mobile.

Users Prefer Data In-Flight Over Voice Calls

When it comes to the question of allowing cellphone calls on flights, respondents to a survey just say no.

Can Ketchum Walk the New Media Talk?

I was reading the press release issued yesterday by Ketchum Public Relations announcing their new service offering called Ketchum Personalized Media: “a global service that advises organizations to know how, why and when to integrate the growing roster of online and wireless media – from blogs and podcasts to mobile marketing – into their overall communications strategy,” according to the announcement.

PR Face2Face:Clive Armitage, CEO, Bite Communications

Clive Armitage oversees the management of Bite Communications and the development of its different business divisions.

Blogs Are an Incomplete Customer Communications Tool – How Would You Make Them Better?

Blogs are interesting tools of business and business communications. There are a lot of useful things you can do with a blog. Interestingly, they’re lacking in the one benefit most touted – customer communication.

AIMing For Advertiser Revenue With E-mail

AOL has given its 22 million AIM users a free 2GB e-mail account, another in a line of free services.

Building Rock Star PR Teams

One of the most interesting things that I encounter in public relations is team building. Not the touchy-feely stuff that you go on goofy retreats for, the team camaraderie building stuff, but on how you build a great team.

FCC Mandates 911 Requirements For IP Phones

The regulatory agency sets a fall deadline for Internet phone services to support Enhanced 911 capabilities at its meeting today.

Wendy’s Crisis Communications

Wendy’s public relations team has received high marks from the media on their handling of the recent “San Jose Incident.”

Microsoft and RIM Extend Messaging to BlackBerry

Microsoft along with Research In Motion (RIM) is working to extend enterprise instant messaging to BlackBerry subscribers.

Microsoft and RIM Collaborate On Enterprise Messaging

Microsoft and Research In Motion (RIM) announced a product collaboration and joint marketing agreement to extend enterprise instant messaging…

Blogs in the Communications Mix

Recently, I wrote that it was all about content, and that no matter how great the content is, unless it is being pushed out in a way for people to read, it’s not going to matter.

Human Resource Communication Pays Off

Human Resource Communications and Corporate Communications – are they one in the same? Both plan and develop written communication strategies to further the understanding and perceptions of their audience. Both provide counsel and editorial support for management communications.

ING Testing RSS For Internal Communications

You might be inclined to think the first company to test RSS for internal communications would be a high-tech company, Microsoft, say, or Sun.

Bottom Up vs. Top Down Corporate Blogging

As business blogging becomes more widespread, two main approaches have emerged. There are bottom up bloggers and top-down bloggers …

Blogs Force PR Pros to Put Their Journalist Hats On

There’s a fascinating article on PR and blogging in today’s Globe and Mail. In the piece, Richard Edelman comments extensively on how blogs …