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The Most Popular Brands on Digg

What brands are the most popular with the Digg audience? I did a little research to gather some data so I can figure out what brands are mentioned most on Digg. What I did is I looked at the number of times a story with the brand name in the title, description, or URL has appeared on the Digg homepage in the last year.

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Yahoo Does Infinity in Theory AND Practice

Two years ago this Sunday, Google introduced two gigabytes of email storage for Gmail, with the amount of storage ticking up slowly, what they called their “Infinity + 1″ system. The idea was that since the counter went up continuously, you really had near-infinite storage. It was a great idea, except for one thing: Infinity + 1 implies better than inifinity, but it’s not.

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The “How to Beat Google” Series

Rich Skrenta is running a series on his blog called How To Beat Google, detailing the strategies needed to defeat Google in the marketplace, and consequently, showing exactly what Google’s competitors are doing wrong. The advice includes:

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Designing for the Mature

If you believe we remain 21 years old forever, you would be wrong. (I’m sorry!) If you design web pages for only young people, such as your springy step, toned, 20-20 vision self, you are missing out on a huge number of prospects.

Interesting report from Human Factors International: Designing for “mature” users

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29 Fortune 100 Companies Have Negative Google Results

I thought we’d find some gems by keeping an eye on the blogs of our readers, and 97th Floor proves us right.

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Video Ads the Right Way

We’ve long been told that to appeal to an online audience, traditional advertisers must change the way that they create their video ads. But studies say . . . no. A study by Millward Brown now indicates that the online video audience receives the same 30 second video ad spot quite similarly to offline viewers—nay, better than their offline counterparts.

eMarketer reports:

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UK Online Ad Spending Passes Newspapers

While the average spent on online advertising in the U.S. hovers around 5% of total ad budgets, the U.K. is blazing a trail with 11.4%.

Online advertising grew by more than 41% in 2006, overtaking national newspaper ads (10.7% share) and about half the amount spent on TV ads (which actually dropped 4.7%).

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Viacom on the Bandwagon

CBS announced it was going mobile earlier this week, and now its former “corporate sibling,” Viacom, is following suit. Shows to be available streaming from Sprint include Nickelodeon’s “Spongebob Squarepants” and Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” I’m sure my sisters will be excited to watch MTV’s “The Hills” on their phones.

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Google Tests Yellow Backgrounds for AdWords

Earlier this month the JenSense Blog reported about Google Testing yellow background on sponsored ads above the search results.

Today I am noticing similar results (see/click image below). It’s amazing how much more the top sponsored ads standout compared to the rest of the page.

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Is There a Digg Auto-bury Feature?

After doing some extensive testing and empirical data gathering over the past two weeks I am 99% convinced there is a digg auto-bury feature. Certain domains are flagged to be automatically buried and removed from the normal voting system with as little as one vote and within few as few hours of getting in the queue.

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Google Spreadsheets Updated

Google Spreadsheets has been updated, a minor release bumping the version number to 1.2.0i. The update fixes these issues:

  • spreadsheets not loading quick enough
  • spreadsheets not loading
  • disconnect error messages (and if you are disconnected, you will be reconnected automatically)
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MSN to Acquire DoubleClick?

Reports have surfaced that MSN may be eying Manhattan based online advertising firm DoubleClick which is worth about $2 billion.

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Admit Spamming to Request Google Reinclusion

The way to make it back to Google index is to simply send in the reinclusion request. This is how it is supposed to work. However, Barry on Search engine Roundtable informs about a WebmasterWorld thread which states that Google Reinclusion request forces you to ‘admit’ that you’re a spammer. 

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CRM for the Google Homepage

CRM for Google (CRM means Customer Relationship Management) is a set of gadgets for your personalized Google homepage that allows you to do things like track tasks, manage contacts, add notes, or create appointments.

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Leading Bloggers Gather and Share Secrets

Let’s face it folks, blogging is hard work.

While working on an article about the dark side of blogging, I was delighted to see that some really successful bloggers are separating from their keyboards and coming together to share their tips, strategies and encourage one another.

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CMS Watch to Release Web Analytics Report

This news release ties in perfectly with my post on the Web Analytics Comparison Guide last week:

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Aged Domains vs. Branding New Domains

One of the big mistakes I’ve made recently is to take some older domains and try to launch new content on them for news portals.

Even though the domains are like 3+ years old, they haven’t had much of a search history on Google. The result is that they are effectively being treated the same as new domains.

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Focusing on What is Important

Recently I was asked to be interviewed for a new blog that is being created.

So what, right?

I am not tooting my own horn, but many of the questions were very thought out. I would like to share one of them:

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Google Gets LG, Yahoo Gets Virgin Mobile

Maybe 2007 will be the year that mobile finally reaches the tipping point. If the recent flurry of mobile news is any representation, it could just be the year that mobile reaches the masses.

Today we have two partnership deals to share with you.

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Second Life Not a Passing Fad

CNET says, “Starting on Wednesday, representatives of companies including MTV Networks and its Nickelodeon, IBM, AOL and Disney, as well as institutions like Harvard University, the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control, will gather here for Virtual Worlds 2007, the first major conference designed specifically to promote marketing in virtual worlds to Fortune 500 companies.”

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PayPerPost? How about BegForPost

Not since SEMPO Tahoe mocked SEMPO, has anyone pulled off a great spoof of a questionable search marketing organization. Michael Arrington serves up a treat with news that BegForPost has launched.

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Is DoubleClick for Sale Again?

It’s been just under two years since internet advertising powerhouse, DoubleClick, was bought for $1.1 billion. Now, according to the WSJ (sub), it’s once again looking for a new suitor.

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Is Google Video On Demand Coming to TV?

Nothing creates more speculation on Google’s next products, than spying on their open job vacancies.

Digit Online is doing just that and, based upon what they’re seeing, makes some (not so) far-fetched predictions on Google’s television ambitions.

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Smuggling Sponsors into Navigation Conventions

Barry at SEL reports: MSN UK put a prefill in a search box, touting The Apprentice on BBC. Ouch!

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Writing for More Than One Audience

Many sites tend to steer clear of controversy, but want the traffic controversy can bring. What are the solutions?

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BBC Picks Up Sierra Threat Story

Kathy Sierra, author of the brilliant blog Creating Passionate Users wrote a post yesterday describing some incredibly disturbing, horrible, abuse and death threats she has been receiving from some other blogs and bloggers.

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Google Maps API Supports GeoRSS, KML

Google Maps now supports the GeoRSS file format, and the Google Maps API now allows you to add geographic data in the form of KML files to your mashups, the official Google Maps API blog reports. Frank Taylor of the unofficial Google Earth blog throws in some caveats:

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Google Gadget Stats

Niall Kennedy did earlier this month an exhaustive analysis of Google Gadgets, coming out with a lot of graphs, facts and figures that would make your head spin. If you’re a geek for infoporn, you’ll love his post on it.

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Citizen Media Resource from Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation has launched a website aimed at helping “citizen journalism” or community media operations find resources and best practices.

Called the Knight Citizen News Network, it’s managed by J-Lab — the Institute for Interactive Journalism — with content created in part by Dan Gillmor of the Center for Citizen Media and by Amy Gahran of I, Reporter (as well as Right Conversations and the Poynter Institute’s E-Media Tidbits).

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Yahoo Click Fraud Suit Finally Settled

If you have a good memory, you’ll recall Yahoo’s sweet click fraud settlement deal, which would hold the company to just $5m in legal fees and a review of click fraud activity back to 2004. If you don’t have a good memory, that’s why we’re here!

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Baidu’s Image Search

Asian search competitor Baidu is funny. When you use their image search engine and click on a thumbnail, they’ll open a new page on their server which displays the large version of the image, with an additional link to the source page… an interesting interpretation of “fair use.” (There’s some sort of copyright notice on the page’s footer, though automatic translation programs fail to get the precise point across… part of it sounds like “This picture may be copyrighted.”)

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Google’s New Mobile Variant

Google released a new mobile search engine additional to their existing mobile search.

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Power 150 Marketing Blogs List Now International

In January, Todd And published the Power 150 Top Marketing Blogs, a ranked listing of marketing blogs in the US.

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Patel Presents “Search Engine Smackdown” Game

Bored? Be bored no more because we have created a video game that will keep you entertained and teach you about the search industry. Search Engine Smackdown is a fun game where you can be the Google founders (Larry & Sergey), Yahoo founders (Jerry & David), or Microsoft founders (Bill & Paul) and duke it out with each other in a wrestling ring with Danny Sullivan. Here are some screenshots:

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Videos and Page Content

When I first started experimenting with video one of the things I was extremely concerned about was the lack of text on the page. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the results so far.

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Buzz and the Ooomph Factor

The Ooomph Factor is something you know when you see it.  It’s the magic sauce that makes a blog, online community or social network buzz.  It’s also very obvious when the Ooomph Factor is missing. 

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How is a Custom Blog Better Than a Free One?

This is the 2nd in a ten part series.

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Tracking Code in Spam

Looks like the spam folks are as worried about "hits" as any other person with an internet presence.

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Sprint Cuts Download Prices, AT&T Hooks up w/ Napster

The announcement derby in the music space shifts to Florida this week and mobile conference CITA Wireless. Even prior to today’s opening the press releases are flying.

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Google Redesigning Search page

In an attempt to improve functionality as well as push other Google services, the search giant has been redesigning its search home page. the panel of links immediately above the search box has been moved to the top left and many non-search services are added under the ‘more’ link.

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Mobile Networks Should Embrace Social Networks

Day one of reading the many feeds submitted by our readers, and I’m already sharing a lot of cool stuff over at my link blog.

Worthy of further consideration is Andrew Girdwood’s suggestion that mobile phone networks should look to embrace social networks as a way to grow their user-base. One of his ideas…

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Will Calacanis Evangelize SEO?

Neil Patel has provided an update on his challenge to show Jason Calacanis that SEO is not “snake oil” and can in fact help a site increase its search engine traffic.

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Facebook Best for “Hotties” or Roman Art?

Andy Kessler has republished his WSJ interview with 22-year old Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

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Windows Live Hotmail M10 is on the way!

Looks like Windows Live Hotmail M10 is not far from being on the way, and with this new release brings some new changes:

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Even the Search Engines are Bad at SEO

Yahoo! allows paid inclusion members to buy quick links in the search results and indexes sites more fully if they use Yahoo! for their site search. While neither of these may seem like a big deal they both are.

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Learning from Comment Spam

I just deleted about 10,000 comment spams from a blog. What could one learn from going through all that spam?

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Techniques for Stopping Blog Spam

Spam is one of those features that comes with a blog and stopping it isn’t quite as easy as it should be. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

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Kolabora on Co-Browsing

Robin Good has posted a dynamite explanation and review of co-browsing collaboration software on his Kolabora blog. Co-browsing is a limited form of synchronization between computers that simply gets both users to the same web page at the same time. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it may enable additional actions or forced synchronization once theweb page has been displayed.

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Learning from Incisive Media

Ok, this is not a NEW idea that Incisive media implemented but it’s something to know whenever you want people to take big steps (like paying $1,700 for a seminar).

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UK Yahoo Panama Migration Started w/ Full Launch In Q2

Account migration to Yahoos much anticipated Panama ad platform has already started in the UK. Yahoo are working with agencies & select advertisers as we speak to tighten up campaign structure to ensure the transition is smooth. The first ‘group’ of accounts will be fully migrated accross to the new platform over the next few weeks, before the initial launch.

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EFF Sues Viacom to Prevent DMCA Abuse

You already know that Viacom is suing YouTube for a gazillion dollars for copyright infringement, but now the cable company is facing a backlash over its careless use of the DMCA.

Nate Anderson reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation – a nonprofit group that looks to protect digital rights and free speech – is suing Viacom for its misuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Among thousands of DMCA takedown notices sent out, is one of a Stephen Colbert parody video that the EFF claims doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

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Can Flickr Co-founder Help Yahoo Innovate?

CNET has a great interview with Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, in which she discusses how big companies like Yahoo – her new boss – can innovate and develop great products, in the same way as a small start-up.

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Don’t Talk About Design Over Email

I’ve just been watching an interview conducted by Merlin Mann of 43Folders fame with Jeffery Veen, previously of Adaptive Path, now with google, and one statement in the interview really rang true with me and that was:

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Goo-Fone or Gphone – Fact or Fiction?

Goo-Fone? .. or should that be Gphone? It may not matter given what Google is said to have said. Google seems to be strongly denying the rumors that it will develop its own cell phone.

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Adobe CS3 Launch Event – March 27th

Adobe is set to have a launch event of Adobe CS3 on March 27th in New York City. The event will be simultaneously webcast on an Adobe web site for all the world to watch. According to Adobe this will be the largest launch event in their 25 year history.

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SEMPO Elects Board Members for 2007

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has officially announced this year’s board of directors.

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Local Search Grew 28% in the Past Year

Howard Owens has some great coverage of the currently running Drilling Down on Local Conference. Today he posted some notes from Hillary Schneider’s (Yahoo Local) presentation on local search efforts:

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Business rules & “Dependency Injection”

Nik Malik posted here on why he thinks a pattern known as "dependency injection" beats out rules engines.

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Real Estate Search, Location System & Method

I recently received an article about the ongoing litigation involving REAL and ReMax agent Diane Sarkisian and the alleged infringement of "Real Estate Search and Location System and Method".

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Coming Up With Online Business Ideas

NicheGeek recently posted some examples of Unconventional Online Business Ideas. If you review this list you will see a bunch of nifty ideas here. Lots of people are doing these types of sites and carving out a nice niche for themselves.

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Google India Appoints Rao As MD

Google India has appointed Shailesh Rao as managing director for, sales and operations in India. Shailesh Rao will reportedly be based in Delhi and manage Google’s business and partnerships in India.

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Google India to Establish Rule Over Rural India

Google India plans to establish their rule over rural India. Business Standard informs, “It is developing with local vendors a simpler search engine, as well as content tailored to the needs of rural users.

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Copyright Board to Hold Rehearing on Net Radio Ruling

Chief US Copyright Royalty Judge James Scott Sledge announced Tuesday that his board would hold a rehearing on the controversial decision (pdf of ruling) to raise royalty rates for internet streaming to unprecedented levels and gave broadcasters and organizations who requested the rehearing until April 2nd to submit documents detailing their positions.

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Google Launches Plus Box

Google Blog officially announces the launch of Plus Box, ‘a new search feature that lets you see more information about individual search results.’ A plus box icon lets you catch sight of additional data right below the original search result. You even get a visual snapshot of related information.

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The Writing Style of Your Company’s Blog

I was honored to speak yesterday on corporate blogging in DC, as a joint event put on by Merry Bruns and DC Web Women. The two other speakers, Scott Briscoe of ASAE, and Lorelei Brown of the Natl Association of Realtors, are both longtime bloggers and we had a great time sharing our experience on how the business world looks at blogging.

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Flickr User Photos Disappearing

Well I just got an unpleasant surprise about 20 minutes ago when I tried to log into DMU on Flickr. I couldn’t get in. Even though I’m an admin of the group I’m locked out.

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IABC Group in SL

If you’re a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and of Second Life, this might interest you.

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Google Earth Isn’t Keen On Blurring Indian Sites!

The concern grows amongst Indian security agencies as Google Earth continues to show clear images of strategic Indian sites. People from all around the world can see clear images of Indian Parliament house from all possible angels.

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Google Provides 120TB Storage to Hubble Researchers

Google’s entered the moving and storage business. No, not PODS, but the technological equivalent – they’re helping Hubble researchers transfer 120 terabytes of data and offering storage too.

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Google Tries to Squash Reports of Cell Phone

Despite a lot of evidence suggesting Google is working on a rival to the new Apple iPhone, Google executives have stated the company is interested only in developing mobile software, not hardware.

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Google Launches Affiliate Network (Beta)

Via SEL, Google beta launched a distributed pay per action ad network, and are accepting publisher sign ups here.

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Blogspot and SEO

Well it never just rains. It has to pour. I made an offer of some free SEO reviews a while back and a nasty confluence of happenings has upset my apple cart.

But I’m going to try and get some advice out to a few more people now. And this is going to be the toughest task I’ve had in a while. You see it never dawned on me that so many folk would be on hosted blogs. Let’s just say that optimising Blogspot is not a straight forward task.

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Matching Click Numbers for AdSense and MyBlogLog?

In MyBlogLog and AdSense, Dom recounts a discrepancy between his AdSense click data as reported by Google and MyBlogLog.

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Google Phone to Include LBS App?

I have to admit, I’m still on the fence as to really believe that Google would actually release a phone but hey, stranger things have happened!

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PreFound Search Engine Releases New Site

PreFound announced today that they are releasing a new version of their "community-oriented" search engine. New enhancements to PreFound include:

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Usability & Domain Names

One of the things I like about usability is that it touches upon literally every aspect of a web business–it’s as much a
school of thought as it is a discipline. There are many little offshoots of that fact–tiny parts of your business which are partly

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Google’s Themes for Your Homepage

Say good bye to the plain old search box on a white background. If you want to say good bye that is. Google added custom themes to your personal home page today. You’re still welcome to keep the old standard, but I’ve already got a new theme.

From the Associated Press

Sprucing up its famously plain Web site, Google Inc. is offering a new option that plants its Internet search box in panoramic settings that change with the time of day and the outside weather.

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Entertainment vs News – PR Crisis?

Gerald Baron, Founder and CEO, PIER System/AudienceCentral; Author, "Now Is Too Late: Survival in an Era of Instant News" made some pithy comments about the ‘news as entertainment’ trend and its effect on PR in today’s Daily Dog.

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Ensuring a Page is NOT Indexed by Search Engines

Dear Kalena…

I want to publish a private page on the web, that only I and a few other people will use. How can I ensure that this page is NOT picked up by search engines?

It will be a wiki style page, so there may be lots of content which could be indexed by the Search Engines. This is what I want to avoid.

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Political Advertising Spending Grows Tremendously

If you thought Howard Dean’s efforts to rally online supporters was impressive, wait until you see what the 2008 candidates have in store for us.

According to the Washington Post, the amount spent on online political advertising has grown at a phenomenal rate.

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Lycos Attempts Another Comeback

Over the past few months, we’ve reported on Lycos’ many attempts to reinvent itself and make a comeback. It’s been almost as pitiful as watching Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky Balboa” comeback movie – btw, how can you make a Rocky movie in which he loses!!!

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Google’s Local Search Impresses on “Notary”

We all know Google is cleaning up in the search space, but every so often I’ll check out what the other folks are doing just to see if they are getting close. Today I needed a notary. I work in Palo Alto, so I typed:

Palo Alto notary

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Facebook’s New Security Guy

On Monday this week at SXSW I was waiting in line for BBQ at the IronWorks and someone said “you Robert Scoble?”

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Google Announces Trendalyzer Acquisition

Google just announced they’ve acquired Gapminder’s Trendalyzer, a software that (quote Gapminder) “unveils the beauty of statistics by converting boring numbers into enjoyable interactive animations.”

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Google Shows Backlinks Text

This is pretty cool for webmasters – Google now offers you to see the most popular link text pointing to your site. Just go to your Google Webmaster Tools -> Statistics -> Page analysis.

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Google to Viacom: No Violation Of Copyrights

A couple of days back the news surfaced that Viacom has sued Google for compensations accounting to 1$ billion for violating the copyright policy. In their defense they claim that they have always followed the rules and regulations pertaining to copyrights.

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Should we Kill the Term “White Paper”?

Does using the words “white paper” create a negative picture in your mind?

Is the term overused?

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of teaching a teleclass with Bob Bly, an author of more than 70 books on writing and marketing.

One student asked the question, “Does it always make sense to call a white paper a white paper?

This is a very good and important question. It spawns a number of other questions.

Bob’s answer was, “I don’t like using the term white paper.”

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Summize Bringing Heatmaps to Shopping Search

I love it when other bloggers discover a new web site and then provide an in-depth analysis of it – it means that I can quickly pass on the information to you, dear reader, without having to think of new ways to say the same thing. :-)

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Google Shares Backlink Anchor Text Information

If you’re a search marketer, you’ve never had it so good. The days of working in the dark with Google and trying to patch together pieces of software or intricate search commands, are on their way out.

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Phony Blogs Give Blogging a Bad Name

Stumbled across a blogger’s profile on Blogger. This blogger, called "Product Advocate," runs blogs on:

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Making a Top Notch Content Website

There’s so much focus in the blog and infoproduct world on creating “quick and easy” moneymaking websites. While it is possible to make quick websites that make money (although it’s much harder than people claim), I’d love to see more instruction like this from Andrew Johnson about steps to take to create a top notch content website.

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Social Media Traffic – Monetizing it

Have you ever been to MSN, Google or Yahoo and seen a "personalized" message pop up?

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Online Video and the Mesh Conference

There’s no question that online video has become a phenomenon over the past year or so, whether it’s the rise of YouTube and “user generated” stars like Lonelygirl15 or IsabellaBrave or the increasing use of video blogs by politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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Why I Loathe Top Commenters Plugins

I benefit from being a top commenter on a number of blogs simply because I am consistently active on those sites, and I have gained the benefit without changing my commenting habits.

Some of my blogging friends are aware of the problems, but have opted to use such a plugin anyway – I fully respect that decision, but many make that decision "blindly" without being aware of the possible consequences.

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Ismail to Lead Yahoo Incubator

Yahoo has decided to bring in an outsider to head-up its secretive internal incubator division, Brickhouse, and they’ve chosen Salim Ismail.

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Rashtchy Leaving Piper Jaffray

Danny’s reporting Safa Rashtchy’s announcement that he will be leaving his role as financial analyst for Piper Jaffray on June 30th. Here’s part of Safa’s announcement…

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The Real Goal of Search Marketing

Great post by Melissa Burdon at grokdotcom on the real goal of search marketing—conversions. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know how much I agree.

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Worthless Expert Interviews

Have you ever set aside time to interview an expert for a project, only to realize that the person you are speaking with knows absolutely nothing?

I was recently on a call with one of my clients for a white paper project.

An outside “expert” was brought onto the call.

I began asking my questions.

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What PPC Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

I just published a new article, called "The 5 Secrets PPC Agencies Don’t Want You to Know". This article is part of  Search Engine Land’s new Strictly Business column, which covers topics related to B2B search marketing.

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MS Video HyperLink Technology Showcasing Kohl’s

Here’s some cool news.

It looks like Microsoft is now starting to implement its adCenter Labs Video HyperLink Technology with real world clients. The first signs of this come this week as MSN Entertainment shows of Kohl’s department store using the Video HyperLink Technology, which is an interactive video tool which provides more information about objects in a video when you click or even hover on them.

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