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Great Idea for an Event Organizer

What a great idea for an event organizer… I’ve often wondered why event planners don’t come out with "official" tags for people to tag entries on blogs, photos on flickr, videos on youtube etc… (many people, including yours truly post photos and create our own tags) but here’s a cool idea that I never thought of.. what about networking groups on LinkedIn, facebook and others?

That’s exactly what Nokia is doing for their Nokia World event… attendees can coonect by being accepted into these special groups… nice idea!

Google Maps Replaces Hybrid Button with Terrain

Google Maps replaced the button Hybrid with a button reading Terrain (Hybrid used to show a mix between satellite imagery and maps data, such as streets or borders).

Thanksgiving Huge for Wal-Mart

U.S. traffic on Thanksgiving Day in 2007 increased 20 percent compared to Thanksgiving 2006, Hitwise reported today. 

Google Israel Compelled to Expose Blogger

Slav Ben Ari sends in this news bit from his blog – I cannot read Hebrew and can’t confirm this info:

MSFT Math Add-in Released For Word 2007

Microsoft has released a new Microsoft Math add-in for microsoft Office Word 2007. It adds enhanced computational and graphing capabilities to Word, letting you do this:

Dark Spot for BrightSpot

BrightSpot.TV, a site covered here before, has shut down. I wrote back in August, "…You’d think the one thing we need a break from is advertising. Yet sheep that we are, we can’t get enough of it." I guess we can get enough of it after all.

TheStreet.com Surges

Here’s something we haven’t seen since the last bubble: TheStreet.com with a stock price over $12. A sign of steady growth and progress, rising subscription and ad revenues, and a dogged desire to mine one’s Hedgehog Concept?

Google Opening Day Care Center

The Palo Alto review board has approved Google’s plans to create a child care center next to the Baylands Nature Preserve, an 18,500-square-foot kid’s complex.

The BlogCritics Radio Channel

BlogTalkRadio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/) and BlogCritics (http://blogcritics.org/), , today announced the creation of the new “BlogCritics Radio” Channel on BlogTalkRadio.com.

Google Picks Up GTaxes, More Domains

Gary has a long list of domain names transferred to Google name servers in the last week, and there are some interesting ones. The most thought-provoking domains:

Windows Live OneCare Released

The beta of version 2.0 of Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft’s all-in-one PC care service, should be over, with the final version of 2.0 released to all subscribers.

Google Claims More Market Share For Itself

You’d think that at some point, Google would have so much that it couldn’t possibly grow any further, but despite having a lock on the top spot, Google continues to claim a larger slice of the pie month after month.

Blogs Giving Mainstream Media a Run for its Money

Last week I read an interesting article by the Alley Insider that I’ve been dying to share – mainly because it included the following Nielsen chart that revealed an interesting comparison of sites.

Yahoo European Staff Warned Over Performance
Yahoo! has an ultimatum over European performance, informs a post in MSNBC.

TV 2.0: a Micro Audience World?

This is an interesting panel discussion we held a few weeks ago at Swissnex, which was designed to start a conversation between Swiss entrepreneurs and US ones. The topic? The future of television content in a multimedia world.

Longjumping your Workflow?

Longjump recently won a DemoGod award so I wanted to see what caught Chris Shipley’s eye (she’s the one who organizes the excellent Demo Conference). Here Longjump’s CEO, Pankaj Malviya shows me Longjump, which is aimed at small businesses.

Gartner: Software Licensing Costs to Decline

Andy McCue at Silicon.com points to a Gartner report that, in many ways, reiterates what we’ve all been seeing.

Word of Mouth Tops Advertising

The Nielsen Company did a study in October 2007 of 24,486 Internet users and asked them to rate what types of advertising they trust. This is an excellent sample size. The findings aren’t terribly surprising:

Inside the Online Video Ad Industry with YuMe

Since tons of people are coming into the online video business it’s good to know about how the money is going to show up.

Bono Getting Jiggy with Facebook

Maybe it’s the future of music and maybe it’s not, but I think U2’s experiment with Facebook and the iLike widget is a pretty interesting move.

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