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Is Your Copy Award-winning?

Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time know that I care a lot about copywriting. Good copy is crucial for getting your site found and for getting customers to buy. But most of us, in private moments, might admit that we don’t spend as much time crafting our copy as we should. Are you ready to put yours to the test?

A Debate Over Google’s Power

In my May Biznology newsletter, I took issue with those who believe Google is too powerful. I don’t think Google controls as much as what Microsoft does and nowhere near what IBM did back in the 1970s. Marshall Sponder disagrees.

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Digg Burying Stories Internally?

We all know that the main reason why stories don’t hit the Digg homepage is because they get buried. Some say the buries are caused by specific Digg users who have it out for us while others just blame it on the content saying it wasn’t Digg worthy. Well last week we did a test on Pronet Advertising that shows Digg might be burying stories internally.

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Google’s New Tagline?

Reuters is saying that Google has a new tagline, “Search, Ads and Apps”, reflecting their new focus. Previous corporate mantras (never really official taglines) were “Don’t Be Evil” and “Organizing the World’s Information”.

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MySpace Leads Copyright Infringement Fight

MySpace launched a new feature, called Take Down Stay Down, that prevents users from re-uploading videos that have already been taken down due to copyright infringement. It’s a smart thing, keeping the onus on the DMCA, but at the same time giving the DMCA more teeth, and it shows MySpace’s commitment to keeping infringing content off their site.

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What Happened to My Google Traffic?

Chris Sherman over at SearchEngineLand posted an article today titled: When Google Goes Temporarily Insane. He mentions that Google is shuffling its index which has caused some site owners to freak out a little bit. This is not a new issue during Index updates, you’ll often find your site missing for some of your most popular keywords for one week and then reappear the next week.

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What Happened to Oodle?

Just days after Facebook announced a partnership with online classifieds aggregator, Oodle, the social networking site has rolled-out a seemingly different classified solution.

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Yahoo Plans New Name & Features for MyBlogLog

When MyBlogLog first launched, the service brought promises of connecting blogging communities, and cool tools to make our blogs more visitor-friendly.

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Google Without Ads

Picked up that little hack from TheGrokDotCom, to show Google SERP’s with no ads.

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More Testing for Google SERPs

Normally when related queries are suggested after doing a search on Google, they appear at the bottom of the search results page (SERP). I noticed this weekend Google is testing the display of other Google categories as well as related search queries above the right side column ads. (Outlined in red)

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Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera Speaks

Gabe Rivera — creator of Techmeme, the site bloggers love and/or hate (depending on whether they are on it or not — keeps his cards pretty close to his chest when it comes to the site and how it functions.

And he doesn’t exactly spill the beans in a surprise interview with But it’s still interesting to see and hear him discuss how it works. He also hints about doing some hiring, and possibly launching some new Techmeme spinoffs.

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Social Media – From Theory to Practice

Just got this fantastic note from Wayne Thompson, who is the director of research at Technology Evaluation. Wayne was one of the 20+ participants at the San Francisco stop of the Social Media and CRM 2.0 workshop series.

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Does AdWords Campaign Age Affect Traffic?

There’s sometimes a start-up period for a new adWords campaign when ads aren’t shown for all keyword matches and so the traffic is lower than it “should” be.

I covered it in this post on what to expect from a brand new PPC campaign.

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Socializing Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The capabilities opened up by Web applications such as social-networking sites and the close integration of media in software is changing the face of consumer marketing, said Robert Bach, head of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division at Mix 07 (Microsoft’s conference devoted to Web developers and designers.)

"The same technologies that are transforming the world of development are also changing the world of marketing," he said.

Here are some of the examples cited:

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Google Analytics for Tracking Google Base Referrals

Tracking referrals from Google Base can be difficult and confusing.

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IAB’s Challenge Results in Meeting

The IAB challenged comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings last month to make their Internet measurements more reflective of the total population and make their methodologies more transparent.

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Gates on Everything Moving Online

To those of us who have been toiling away trying to explain the benefits of targeted, measurable, interactive advertising: Bill Gates is on our side.

He pulls no punches, and believes that the shift will be ahead of schedule, and not smooth.

Yellow Pages: doomed.

Newspapers: doomed.

Traditional TV ad models: doomed.

And all sooner than people think.

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Digg Founder Looking at Instant Messaging?

Don’t you wish you had “sources familiar with the company”, so you could speculate on new products and acquisitions?

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Daily Telegraph Blogs for Readers

Today the Daily Telegraph newspaper launched My Telegraph, a free service that enables readers to set up their own blog.

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Google Phonebook Name Removal

Does it scare you that typing your residential phone number in the Google Search bar (not to be confused with the Google Toolbar) reveals your name and residential details with a map (via Google Map) of your home through a reverse lookup?
It was common knowledge that the World Wide Web was a storehouse of fascinating information but this edges towards the scary, with identity thefts, stalkers and wrong-doers all around.

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Translating AdWords to Panama

Not as easy as ABC, but a little more systematic than that is the process of converting Google AdWords Campaign into Yahoo Panama.

GotAds gives a list of uncomplicated steps for those interested.

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Silverlight for Opera

Completely missed in all the talk at Mix about Silverlight, Microsoft’s amazing development platform for rich applications, is the news that Silverlight is coming to the excellent Opera browser.

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Networks Put Money on Joost

It may not be a $1.6-billion takeover, but Joost seems to be doing pretty well nevertheless, attracting $45-million in funding from a group of backers — including CBS and Viacom, two of the TV networks it has signed content deals with.

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Google the Ad Agency

Google is further commoditizing the role of the ad agency. They are signing up advertisers interested in trying their new Ad Creation Marketplace:

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Search Insider Summit – Search Insiders Tell All

I went the lazy but entertaining route and took some video of the “Search Insiders Tell All” session yesterday afternoon that included David Berkowitz, Aaron Goldman, Bob Heyman and Gord Hotchkiss.

Here the “Search Insiders” about personalization, brand stewardship, Google DoubleClick and the disparity in standards applied to search marketing that are not applied to TV or direct response marketing.

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Videos from Search Insider Summit

We are all about the social media on this blog and our coverage of conferences with interviews, photos and below a few videos.

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Google Base Changes Vertical Search Results

Google Base has a bunch of search verticals, mini search engines built on data uploaded to Base, and they’ve changed the results format of those search engines. The old:

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Everybody Sues YouTube

Several news items regarding YouTube lawsuits came through yesterday:

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Yahoo Keyword Inventory Tool on Life Support

If you’re a fan of the YSM Keyword Selector Tool (aka Overture Inventory Tool), I have good news and bad news for you. Yahoo Search Marketing is no longer supporting the tool, but the company is planning an update to the information.

Here’s part of the email I received from them…

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QuickSprout – Branding Yourself for Success

Personal branding is something I get a lot of questions about. People often ask me what they should do in order to get an established name out there and be seen as a major influencer in their industry.

The reason they want this is because the second you accomplish this, the opportunities will come your way and you’d be amazed at the kind of business or money that just lands in your lap.

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Web 2.0 – The Real World View

New research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project has some fascinating statistics on how Americans use technology.

According to A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users (PDF download), half of all American adults are only occasional users of modern information gadgetry, while 8% are avid participants in all that digital life has to offer.

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WordPress Stats Plugin

Matt has announced that Wordpress has released a stats plugin for self-hosted Wordpress uses that integrates your blog analytics into your dashboard.

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FeedBurner Plugin Gets New Owner & Name

The FeedBurner plugin has got a new name and a new owner. Steve Smith from handed off the plugin to the FeedBuner crew.

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RSS Mistakes

I’m listening to Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes talking to a group of the world’s top marketing executives in Cancun, Mexico. He’s running a panel on marketing ideas and strategies for big companies on the Internet. Also on the panel is the CMO of Siemens, the VP of Marketing for Symantec, the Director of Brand and Marketing Communications for DHL Express.

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Windows Live Hotmail Launched Worldwide

Microsoft Corp. today announced that Windows Live Hotmail, the successor to MSN Hotmail, is launching globally in 36 languages.

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New Yahoo Search Results Redesign

Karl Ribas noticed this completely different Yahoo search results design:

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1.53 Billion Verdict Against Microsoft Approved

A judge approved a February ruling against Microsoft, ordering the company to pay $1.53 billion to Alcatel-Lucent to end a degital music patent lawsuit. A jury had decided that Windows Media Player infringed on Lucent’s patents, and the judge just decided that Microsoft has to pay it. Microsoft has a hearing on June 20 to get this week’s Supreme Court ruling to get the judgement to only apply to U.S. sales of Windows, which would probably knock over $800 million off the judgement.

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Yahoo Kills Yahoo Photos for Flickr

According to Mike Arrington — who interrupted his dinner with Brad Garlinghouse of Yahoo and Flickr creator Stewart Butterfield to do a blog post about it — Yahoo is effectively closing the doors on its photo service and migrating everyone either to Flickr or to another online photo service of their choice (Photobucket, Webshots, Snapfish, etc.).

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An Underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash Battle

To put an underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash battle, last night there were several Web video startups that presented at the SF New Tech! Live shindig. I think all of them are using Flash. Will Silverlight start to show up? You can watch last night’s proceedings too on Veodia. Funny enough, they aren’t using Flash.

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Happenings in the Industry

A few quick links of worthy happenings in the industry:

More MSM foolishness and incomplete reporting at Forbes, “Condemned to Google Hell“. Yeah, that’s right. On this one I am drinking the Google kool aid.

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Final Words on BlogKits & Adsense

Back in January, I wrote a piece on whether the newly-popular Blogkits blog ad network lived up to their claims of outearning Adsense on blogs. My feeling at the time was that they did not even come close, but I was willing to give them more time to prove themselves.

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Charity SEO Contest

When “the Lisa” emails you and (ever so) politely asks if you’d mention their contest on your blog, it’s hard to say “no”. Her blogging wit is razor sharp and you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong end of it. :-)

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Yahoo’s oneSearch Expands to 6 New Countries

If you live in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany or France, I have good news for you. Yahoo has announced the expansion of their oneSearch mobile search service to your country!

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Email Sharing Added to Google Reader

I know this is going to freak you out but, did you know that some of your friends and family don’t actually use an RSS reader? I know, I was shocked too – next we’ll learn that some people still have newspapers delivered!

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45% Europeans Watch TV on the Web

It’s hard to believe, but according to a Motorola study, discovered by TechCrunch, almost half of broadband users in Europe, watch TV online.

2,500 people were interviewed with 45% saying they were watching some television shows online, with the French leading the way.

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Way to Go Digg!

Right before heading to bed I had to check the Digg story one more time to see if the guys had come to their senses, and it seems they have (and just in time).

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Digital Prowess Key to an Agency’s Capabilities

Keith OBrien reports in PR Week that the Fleishman HIllard conference focused on social media

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Yahoo Sumo Wrestling

For Earth Day, Yahoo encouraged their employees to help conservation, to drop their usage of non-renewable resources by 20%.

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Get the Most Out of DoFollow | No Nofollow

So now people have calmed down a little from their running around like headless chickens leaving comments on every blog they could find that used Dofollow, and then linking through to unrelated content, lets start looking at how to link a little more strategically.

Armen has One Stupidly Simple SEO Tip to give you.

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Clicky Integrates Feedburner RSS Stats

Web analytics vendor Clicky announced on their blog today that they have integrated Feedburner RSS stats for your site into the Clicky interface.

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Search: vs. Google

I’m not sure if Rand was hoping to start a debate on this (if he did, it’s crafty linkbait) but he’s making the claim that the search results at are better than those of Google.

Here are some of the examples Rand gives…

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Google Has About 900 Millionaires, Some Leaving

The Guardian has an article about rich Google employees leaving, and they say a report quoted Google as having as many as 900 millionaires. Considering that Google has 12,238 employees (as of March 31), and had only 6,790 employees a year ago, that’s a pretty significant percentage.

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Microsoft May Acquire 24/7 Real Media

Having missed out on the chance to buy DoubleClick, and then watched Yahoo pick up the Right Media, Microsoft is feeling a little left out of the party.

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Yahoo Comcast Deal – Double Blow to Google

With Yahoo’s announced deal to provide display and video advertising to, comes two blows to Google.

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Which Social Technologies Will Target Your Customers

Many website owners know that their target market utilizes social technologies but few know to what extent and what technologies they should target. Forrester Research has helped by providing some insight into the minds of 10,000 online users within the report "Social Technographics®" released April 19th, 2007.

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Social News & Bookmarking Mistakes

Listen. Can you hear it? All the buzz about social media marketing? What you might not know is that with all that sound there’s an awful lot of noise. That difficulty manifests itself in the form of basic misconceptions, blunders and flat out mistakes when trying to participate and market with social news and bookmarking sites.


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Interview with Adam Lasnik

Adam Lasnik and I spoke about paid links, duplicate content and more late last week. The paid links conversation was very interesting. One of the things that Adam made clear is that Google is not looking to detect 100% of paid links. Their focus is much more on the links that are being sold for the purpose of passing PageRank.

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Multitasking with TV & Web Video

I’ve wondered quite a bit about the future of web video and how much of it anyone will be able to consume. I’ve been pretty skeptical about it, namely because it’s difficult to multitask when watching online video – you can’t really do much else, and multitasking is a huge part of the value proposition of both web browsing and also watching TV programming.

I just met with a company that I can’t say a word about, but one that’s already making me rethink how things are going to play out. There are a few issues that must be addressed by any game changer here:

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Good Content, No Marketing – Unlinked

If you are not nepotistic in your marketing some of your best content will go unnoticed, especially if you write at a level that is beyond most of your readers. Many of the people who are popular are not popular just because of content quality…there are so many nepotistic partnerships that go unspoke of that it is quite scary.

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Skype Lawyers Bring Negative PR

Ahh, the lawyers at Skype screwed the pooch. I am actually on their side in this fight, too. I know that they need to protect the trademarks otherwise they’ll lose them. At Microsoft the lawyers would do stuff like this from time-to-time (my friend Robert Mclaws told me recently that the Microsoft lawyers are again going after some community members who’ve taken on trademarks too closely).

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Social Networking Up, TV Watching Down

A new study from Marketing Evolution (commissioned by MySpace, Isobar & Carat) suggests social networking users between 14 and 40 years old are increasing their internet, email and instant messaging usage, while decreasing the amount of time they spend watching TV and playing video games.

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Microsoft Sees Revenue Increase from Advertising

MSFT has issued its Q1 numbers and is expressing their satisfaction with the growth of their online advertising revenue.

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Blog Growth Stalling or Taking a Breather?

Business Week has pushed Technorati’s David Sifry to share more information about the state of the blogosphere and discovered that the future’s not quite as bright as we all thought.

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SES Toronto – Seth Godin!

We have a great keynote speaker now confirmed for SES Toronto, June 12-13 (the premier event for search engine marketing professionals) – Seth Godin.

The first 600 through the door will even get a complimentary copy of Seth’s new book, The Dip.

Don’t miss it! This will be the fourth and undoubtedly the best yet Search Engine Strategies conference in Canada.

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Google and Radio (Why the Push?)

I’ve noticed that Google’s emphasis on the radio ads marketplace has been particularly strong – even amidst all of the other things they seem to be pumping all at once. Some client accounts have this tab visible (Account Snapshot); others, that tab (try this beta); and others, still, the other (Radio Ads). Or so it seems.

Google’s testing a lot of stuff right now, but you keep hearing about the radio part.

I wonder why?

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The Best Search Engine According to PC World

PC World has recently released the results of their "Search Engine Shoot-Out"

PC World

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Yahoo Wants Your Feedback

Yahoo wants you… to give them feedback about the Yahoo Toolbar.

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Search Everything in WordPress

By default, Wordpress is setup to search every post. What they don’t tell you is that doesn’t include pages. However, with the Search Everything plugin, you can search pages, posts and more.

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Sony’s YouTube Rival

It seems like everyone wants to own their own video sharing site – even Marketing Pilgrim has one! Now we learn that Sony is the latest company to lay down the gauntlet at the feet of Google’s YouTube video site.

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Pubcon Las Vegas & SES Chicago the Same Week

During SES New York I heard that this year’s Pubcon Conference will be held the same week as the Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference. This wasn’t by choice, as neither conference will benefit from happening at the same time.

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Banner Blindness Beyond the Banner

When looking at the difference between a profitable business model and an unprofitable one you really need to look at the math. I recently ran many graphic ads that I bought through Google on a CPM site targeting basis. Here is a look at one campaign:

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Scoble Writing for Fast Company Magazine

I just learned that I’m a new columnist for Fast Company magazine where I’ll write a monthly piece, about 700 words. Still don’t know what the title will be, but we’re thinking “Naked Conversations.”

My first column will probably mirror my new speech I’m working on, titled “Living in a Google World.”

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User-Generated Content on Google Maps

Google has started to integrate user-generated content on Google Maps. A search for restaurant stuttgart, for instance, first shows Google’s normally aggregated results (which Google says include “information from our web search results, data submitted directly by local business owners, and sources such as publicly available Yellow Pages directories”).

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PR Darlings

During last night’s PR Unspun event in London, I kept noticing business cards scattered on various tables at the venue.

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Google Inside Intel Advertising

Now that Google is using Intel processors in its servers, it only seemed fair that Intel give a little love back to its partner.

Intel did just that today, announcing that its hardware partners will be able to take advantage of Google AdWords as part of a central marketing platform.

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Tracking Campaign Metrics with Excel

Analytics programs are great, but they can quickly have you drowning in a sea of numbers.  Generating lots of data isn’t very helpful if that data isn’t actionable.  You need information that gives insights that you can feed back into your campaign.  One way to tame your data is to massage it into a spreadsheet.

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MySpace & Photobucket Make Up

Last week, as Andy mentioned, MySpace blocked Photobucket videos and remixes from displaying on its members’ pages.

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Parasitic Business Models

As more large trusted publishers launch ad networks will this force Google to rethink their authority heavy algorithms and ad quality scores that benefit these growing arbitrage plays? Or is Google promoting many small ad networks to spread the portion of the pie that they don’t control really thin?

Shopping sites like, Yahoo! Shopping, BizRate, and NextTag already dominate Google’s organic search results and paid listings.

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RSS Has Filters

Scott Karp mentioned that RSS has no value without a filter. RSS already has filters, but most people probably do not use them to their full potential.

  • Your top trusted editors in each category already are human editors / filters. As you go deeper into any category you find more duplication.
  • Many blog platforms allow you to subscribe to an individual category.
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Social Technographics & a Power Law of Participation

Charlene Li at Forrester just came out with a report on Social Technographics that surveyed user engagement.  The framework is very similar to my Power Law of Participation, but it is an entirely different thing to have some data behind it.

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Googler Games Google; Cutts Goes Silent

A week after Google’s Matt Cutts set the SEO world ablaze by asking webmasters to report cases of link-buying, his area of the Googleplex is decidedly silent – and so is the media relations department regarding a double-dipping Google executive’s association with a questionable made-for-AdSense company.

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Google History and Advertising

I turned on Google History. I’ve gotta admit, that really freaks me out to see all my surfing behavior tracked and displayed in my face. Google knows a lot about me and if I had access to your history I’d be able to surmise a lot about you. That’s my theory, anyway. What do you think about Google History? Does it make you think differently of Google? Why?

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More YouTube Thailand Censorship

Boing Boing via one of their readers reminds us that YouTube is still being blocked in Thailand, and also includes a screenshot of what a visitor saw from Bangkok (below – you gotta love the big brother eye).

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TechCrunch UK Returns

So TechCrunch UK is planning to relaunch on June 1. Part of the prep is hiring a new editor.

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Marketers Learning Value of Social Networks

Fox Interactive Media – and about half a dozen other companies – conducted a study to determine the value of social media for marketers. Sampling 3,000 US internet users, they discovered…

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Video Podcasts Closer to TV Quality

R/WW reveals how a new video podcast network called ON Networks is bringing better production quality to the humble online show. While there are a few well produced video podcasts circulating the web, most resemble a video plucked from the rejected pile of AFV.

ON Networks hopes to bring a little TV magic to your computer screen with 8 well produced shows each with great content and entertaining hosts.

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Corporate Social Media Management Strategies

Having helped Hitachi develop its social media plan, Jeremiah Owyang is now with PodTech and helping other corporations set up social media strategies.

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New Media Key For PR Firms

Just a quick pointer: Keith O’Brien with PRWeek has a good piece today that profiles how various PR shops are fortifying their new media expertise and services.

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Employee Engagement (Defining it)

Does anyone agree what employee engagement is? asks David Ferrabee.

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Public Google Calendars – Login Credentials

Startup Meme and Chris Pirillo report that quite a few people have made login credentials of theirs public via Google Calendar event descriptions, which can now be found by searching for public events for e.g. “username password”.

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Google Ranking News With General Search Results

Google is starting to integrate news results into standard web search results which will eventually mean the end of OneBox results. Under the OneBox scheme of search result display, news links were placed at the top of general search results in a neat cluster.

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Google and Ads That Profit from Tragedies

The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and many other news organization web sites have bought keyword ads for terms related to the Virginia Tech tragedy.

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Measuring Time Spent

Andy Beal and Bryan Eisenberg are both asking good questions about the new "time spent" metrics that Neilsen/Netratings is introducing. Andy wants to know how time spent is calculated (good question) while Bryan assumes that it is time spent in the browser and asks more good questions. Are we missing the boat on metrics here?

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Search Marketing and Direct Marketers

Monday, I presented to the Direct Marketing Association at their B2B Marketing Conference on the subject of Return on Search Marketing Investment. I love talking to direct marketers, because they understand how to market on the Web, but they don’t know they do. When I show them how to take what they know and apply it to this new online world, watching the light bulbs go on is very gratifying.

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StumbleUpon Launches StumbleThru

  Popular web site discover service, StumbleUpon, is not letting acquisition talk distract it from launching new features for its users. Today’s launch of StumbleThru will allow users to explore personalized recommendations from sites such as Flickr, Wikipedia, MySpace and YouTube.

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Best of Web 2.0 Expo

Rafe Needleman, Josh Lowensohn, and Erica Ogg rated their five most favorite things for CNET, from the Web 2.0 Expo.

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Gmail’s Normal Spam Filtering Returns

After an extended period of time during which I simply couldn’t trust Gmail’s spam filter to Do The Right Thing, I’m happy to report that for the last few weeks it has been performing exceptionally well.

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Yahoo! Releases 2.0

Great News for all you fans, today the Yahoo Search Blog announced the release of 2.0 which includes some additional changes and upgrades to Upcoming, including the integration of Flickr and the transition of onto the Signle Sign in Yahoo! Local platform.

And this time Yahoo! seems to have sweeten the deal with a free offer of a T-shirt. However its only available to America and Canada.

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SES – Windows Live Chief Steve Berkowitz

The following video is an excerpt from the 2007 Search Engine Strategies Keynote discussion between Danny Sullivan and Windows Live Chief, Steve Berkowitz. In this excerpt Steve Berkowitz explains that "it is not ever satisfactory not to be number one" in the search engine industry. He further explains that Microsoft’s first goal is to reach critical mass from an advertising standpoint and how Microsoft’s search platform will continue to evolve.

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Web 2.0 Expo: The Social Media Revolution

web 2.0 EXPO: The Social Media Revolution | mad dog in the fog – Yesterday, Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Jeremiah Owyang and myself participated in a panel on The Social Media Revolution at O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo.

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