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Nokia Getting Greener

Nokia is a Global leader in their market, no questioning that. So, perhaps their move to make "greener" more environmentally sound decisions in their business processes will spread to others… indeed they are a good role model for action.

A Holiday Treat from Google & Yahoo

Both Google and Yahoo! have decided to provide website owners with a "holiday season treat" by updating their respective search results (SERPs) – simultaneously!

Both the major search engines have been executing some algorithm changes causing the usual ranking turmoil for webmasters and site owners over the last week.

Microsoft Regionalizing Searches?
Microsoft seems to be regionalizing searches observes Woz on a thread on Webmasterworld.

PubCon – AOL’s Melanie Mitchell

I met Melanie Mitchell at last year’s Pubcon and was amazed at what a job being a Vice President of SEO/SEM at a company like AOL must be.

Domains & Branding
In the past any large company could use subdomains as an effective reputation management strategy.

Measuring Social Media
"How do you measure social media programs?"

Google Mobile Updater for Blackberry Released

Google has released the Google Mobile Updater for the Blackberry, a small bit of software that keeps an eye on Google applications and helps you install updates to them as necessary.

Do You Talk with Customers or at Them?

Do you talk with your customers or do you talk at them?

Latest Google Docs Stats

Google Docs (and Spreadsheets and Presentations and Wiki…) represents a new way of dealing with a traditional software category, so it stands to reason that it would take time to catch on.

Copyright Law and Common Sense

Jeremy Toeman asks for common sense in copyright laws and warns his congresscritter against the PRO IP act: “Common sense tells me that the maximum penalty for transmitting an MP3 file should not be over 1000-fold the maximum penalty of shoplifting a CD from a store.”

We aren’t going to have common sense in this, sorry. The political system is jiggered by those who have money and can pay for lobbyists, etc.

MSFT Releases FeedSync Under Creative Commons

Microsoft has announced the availability of FeedSync, the RSS feed data syncing/sharing specification formerly known as SSE, and they’re releasing it under a Creative Commons License.

PubCon – Exhibit Hall Pics

At every conference there’s an exhibit hall and that’s where plenty of meet and greet networking happens as well as interesting discussions with vendors that server the search marketing industry.

There were a good number of exhibitors at Las Vegas Pubcon including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft as well as a variety of vendors ranging from enom which sported a Ferrari to PRWeb to Bruce Clay.

Here are a few photos from the exhibit hall floor:

MySpace Transmissions
MySpace Transmissions offers artists and labels the ability to record exclusive audio and video content linked directly to a sales platform.

PubCon – Day 2 Pics

Alrighty then. I’ve added photos to Flickr from day two of PubCon. Here are a sample.

PubCon – Talking with Brett Crosby

While walking the WebmasterWorld Pubcon exhibit hall floor I ran into Brett Crosby from Google.

We talked about some of the new enhancements that have been added to Google Analytics. The addition of site search tracking in Google Analytics was of particular interest to me and I thought I would share here.

AdSense Losing “Advertise on this Site”
Google will drop the "Advertise on this site" link feature displayed next to AdSense ads. With the help of this link, AdWords advertisers were able to directly target a specific site.

Elections Gadget for iGoogle
A new gadget was created by the Google team for personalizing iGoogle’ homepage. The gadget will keep you up-to-date with all the big and small happenings related to the US elections, scheduled to take place in 2008.

Google Trends Gets New Look & API
· 1
Google Trends program will get a new look with a new application interface program.

Live Search Now Returns Extra Links
In a recent SEOCO blog, it was reported that Live.com now returns extra links under the first result.

SEMPO Organizes Annual Meeting
SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, is organizing its annual meeting. For this round-robin discussion, it is bringing representatives from Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. All the companies will discuss together about their latest plans and initiative programs.

Ad Frequency: MySpace vs Facebook

comScore Ad Metrix is reporting today on the relative frequency of ads appearing on MySpace pages versus the relative frequency of ads appearing on Facebook.

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