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Rep. Couch Feeling Heat from Ban on Anonymous Web Postings
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WebProNews previously reported how Kentucky State Representative, Tim Couch, proposed a bill that would not allow Kentuckians to comment anonymously on the Internet.

Zune Software Download Now Available!
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Hey Everyone, The Zune Software is currently up on Zune.net.

» You can find the software HERE. System Requirements

Bloglines Beefs Up

Before we had Google Reader, the biggest kid on the RSS reader block was Bloglines. While Google has taken that title, away from the Ask.com owned service, Bloglines has been back to the gym recently and added some bulk.

Bloglines has rolled out a slew of new features today, including:

Search Engine Vanity Percentages

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little obsessed with online reputation management. :-)

WordPress Sees Huge Growth in 2007

Here are some numbers about blogging and social networking sites according to Nielsen Online. They just released November’s numbers on the top 10 social networking sites. The biggest gainers are Flixster (where you share movie reviews) and LinkedIn, a social network for professionals.


Social Media Rule Breaking

Conformity often creates a feeling of comfort, but it also starts to generate acceptable social norms that soon become the de facto standard for the way things get done.

The Importance of SEO Copy Writing to High Rankings
· 1

In this MSNBC interview the Snr. V.P. of Network Solutions covers what any business needs for page one search rankings.


Amazon’s “Open Infrastructure”

Dave Winer: Amazon removes the database scaling wall.

The Year’s Most Overused Metrics

We all know marketers love metrics.  Flashy award winning campaigns are great and celebrity spokespersons are always appealing, but most of the time we try to base judging the success of a campaign on hard and fast metrics.  The only problem is, many times the metrics that marketers use to gauge success are wrong, inaccurate, incomplete or just plain useless.  There are two main reasons this happens …

Facebook Opens Developer Platform
Online social network site Facebook has now opened up its developer platform to other social networking sites.

Cutts Clears up TrustRank Misconceptions

I know many of you have heard of TrustRank before. Some say Yahoo came up with it first or Google has it trademarked. Well this video of MC explaining what TrustRank is should help clear up a lot of misconceptions:

Web Analytics Predictions for the New Year
If you’re looking for Web Analytics predictions for 2008 then I recommend checking out Rich Page’s blog where he posts about his thoughts for what’s to come in 2008.

Videos, Books & Photos on Google Maps
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The search page of Google Maps now shows location markers. The markers can be in the form of videos from YouTube, books from Google Book search or geo-tagged photos from Panoramio.

Google Allows Ratings, Comments On Maps
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Maybe car or restaurant reviews seem a little more useful, but no matter; Google is now allowing people to rate and comment on everything created with its My Maps software.

Google Tests Displays in Sidebar

It’s always fun whenever someone discovers one of Google’s many experiments with their search interface. 99% of the time, the discovered tests never materialize as a major rollout for Google, but it’s still worth noting.

Yahoo and JetBlue’s Arrangement

The announcement that Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger are partnering with Jet Blue to offer lightweight wifi services on flights is both extremely cool, and kind of sad at the same time for me.

Being that I’m traveling a lot now for work it becomes readily apparent when I’m in the air that it’d be nice to be able to connect to the web in order to get work done and communicate with colleagues, friends, and family.

Kindle DRM Down the Tubes

Yet another DRM goes down the tubes, this time it is for the kindle, while the reviews have been mixed, most folks who got their hands on the kindle like it, but as usual wish that it could do more than it was originally designed to do.

New Google Analytics Features Showing Up

There’s no official announcement from Google, but we’re seeing new features showing-up in Google Analytics.

It appears you’ll be able to compare different data points…

Scroll Feature for AdSense
Keith Chan reports that Google seems to be trying out a scroll feature for Google AdSense advertisements in its Hong Kong version.

More Features with New Google Toolbar Version

Google has released version 5 of it’s popular toolbar, now with many more additional features. http://toolbar.google.com/T5/intl/en/index.html

Shoppers Prefer the Virtual Hight Street
It is estimated Britons will spend more than £66 million online this Christmas buying a third of all their presents, according to news reports.

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