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More Attention for Web Standards

Seems like web standards and accessibility are continuing to attract attention. Here are a few recent articles I’ve stumbled upon relating to web standards.

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48% of Marketers Will Try Social Networks This Year

JupiterResearch has issued a new report entitled “Social Networking Sites: Defining Advertising Opportunities in a Competitive Landscape” (rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) and ClickZ is all over it.

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Mix and Mesh

If you can’t wait until the mesh conference (May 30 and 31 in Toronto) to talk about all the interesting things that are happening on the Web and how they are changing media, marketing, business and society, then come on out to the next mesh social event.

The first one at the Irish Embassy was so much fun that we decided to have another one.

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Wikis Compared to Wikipedia

Matt Mahoney spends most of his time working with enterprise wiki customers, cultivating adoption and best practices.  In his most recent blog post, he provides a practical look at how enterprise wikis differ from Wikipedia. Wikis evolve in the context of corporate culture and inter-personal communication styles, for good or ill.  The sense of ownership people have over pages is different than the norms that have arisen for Wikipedians.  After discussing work conversations and group memory in wikis, he leaves us with some tips:

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Blogger Faceoff – Rand and Lee

I nearly missed mentioning this. Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips does an interesting form of interview where he asks two people the same questions and posts their replies as a sort of “face off”.

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Testing for Google Audio Ads

Google has announced that they are welcoming advertisers who are interested in trying out Google audio ads that will run on the radio within U.S.

What they mentioned is that you have to be a current AdWords advertisers to sign up to this program. I’ve actually received a quote from one of the Google salespeople that was around $8,000 for 3 state, AM radio targeting.

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Microsoft Confirms Tellme Acquisition

After much rumor earlier in the week, Microsoft has indeed agreed to acquire speech recognition software provider, Tellme.

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Rumors of Google Phone

The “Google Phone” is a totally unverified but interesting rumor. Someone at a mobile phone forum claims he was exposed to information on a potential Google Phone via a paid-survey website. Garett Rogers has a copy of the screenshot and some of the specs this user saw. Garett quotes from the design specs which were visible on the screenshot:

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Viacom And Google – The Next Day

A showdown between a content creator and the dominant search advertising company over the YouTube video sharing site continued to draw speculation over how the $1 billion lawsuit could end.

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Yahoo Losing Image Search War?

The Next Net: What’s Hot at Yahoo (And What’s Not) Over at they have an update on the year over year gain/loss for Yahoo search properties. I’m not sure I understand the methodology entirely, but one number that did stick out for me was that Yahoo! Image Search is down 3% year over year.

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Google: Disallow Internal, External Search Results

Barry Schwartz has written a post on Google officially requests webmasters to block internal or external search results. Barry informs about a Matt Cutts post namely Search results in search results which revolves around a query raised on Google’s Webmaster Help Group.

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Ticketmaster’s Auction Model

TicketMaster, a near monopoly which hated ticket auctions in the past, now auctions seats for a premium. You can bid on an auction for row 1, and if the minimum bid drops below the required amount to win they will automatically drop you into an auction for row 2, and so on.

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Former Disney CEO Launches Online Video Project

CNET is reporting former Disney chief, Michael Eisner, is involved with the launch of Vuguru, an independent studio for the production of online videos.

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Census Data in Google Earth

A student at Stanford has come up with a  cool app for Google Earth called gCensus. 

Currently, only the US Census 2000’s Summary File 1 (displaying population characteristics such as race and age) is available for mapping but there’s no doubt the developer and others will mashup more Census data in the near future. 

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Job Openings at Google NYC Office

If you’re looking for a job in or around NYC you might want to visit the Google’s job openings page. With the opening of their new office in Manhattan, it’s no wonder that they now have 191 job positions to fill.

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Page Load Times Update

In my original post I mentioned that in order to help reduce my blog’s load time I often use Web Page Analyzer and Octagate SiteTimer.

Since that post I have received a couple more suggestions for tools to use in order to help reduce Web Page Load Times.

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Presidential Candidates and Analytics

I thought it would be interesting to look at all of the top presidential candidates and see what they are using for analytics for their site. I visited each site, viewed source, and looked for Javascript code or any other trace of analytics code I could find.

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Moodgeist, Skype & Twitter IM Overlay

Given Twitter has reached escape velocity, I’m sure Obvious Corp. is in for an exit.  It is a clear and simple fit for many social media portal players.  But I think the interesting fit is how Twitter could complement an IM network.  To turn this question around, consider if AIM, Y! messenger, MSN or others suddenly enabled IM status to serve as the message and the buddy list to be a social network?

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Get StumbleUpon FeedFlare Working for Your Site

FeedBurner has an easy way of promoting a blog post though FeedFlare. FeedFlare simply adds a few social options to each post. You can choose to add a Digg link, link, ‘email this post’ option, share on Facebook and a few other handy choices. However, there are many more possibilities as you can create custom FeedFlares.

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Google BlogSearch Takes Over Technorati Traffic

Recently, I came across this post at Read/WriteWeb about Technorati’s declining traffic. Evidently, Google BlogSearch has overtaken Technorati.

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Nielsen’s 10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities

Jakob Nielsen is an authority on usability; "the elegance and clarity with which the interaction with a computer program or a web site is designed" (Wikipedia). His tips are always worth reading and often worth implementing into your own website(s) whenever applicable.

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Translations and Image Search

Sometimes it’s helpful to translate a word in Google into other languages you don’t speak, and then search Google Images for it.

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Rose Talks Digg Moderation Again

Digg’s Kevin Rose was interviewed for the latest issue of Search Marketing Standard (an interesting magazine, by the way), and the topic touched on the subject of moderation again. Quote Kevin:

Digg does not use any moderators other than the 700,000 registered users that participate in Digg. That is the value of the Digg system. We have two people on staff that ensure that the Digg Terms of Use are not violated.

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MySQL – Storage Engine for Amazon S3

I got an email today from O’Reilly today about the MySQL Conference (coming up at the end in April), it looks like a pretty good conference, but one of the sessions caught my eye. It was called A Storage Engine for Amazon S3.

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Location – Online & Offline Business Costs

I have went shopping with my girlfriend in San Fransisco a few times, and got to thinking about how most of the businesses in the city pay $4,000 to $20,000 per month for rent. In many cases, with a 5 year term.

You can buy a great domain name for that. You can compete in the search results in most markets for that. Monthly rent to buy exposure in one city is recurring. Many online marketing costs and domain costs are not.

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Preparing a Site to Sell

If you are growing a site organically it might be worth it to sacrifice the short term earnings for long-term growth, but what happens when it comes time to sell a site?

If you site has a strong brand or other intangible brand type assets worth far more than current earnings consider those before making any changes, and do not tarnish the site’s image. If you site does not have those, and will likely sell at an auction it will probably sell for some multiple of current earnings, based on a number of factors including:

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Measuring Directory Link Value

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal has written a post on measuring the value of directory links.

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Picasa Ups Storage, Features, Blogger Integration

Google has added new features to Picasa Web Albums, its online photo storage service, and increased the storage for free accounts to 1 gigabyte (up from 250 megabytes). New features include easy embed codes for sharing your photos through email, instant messages and websites and being able to search for public photos.

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Maven Selects WebTrends for Online Video Analytics

Today Maven Networks and WebTrends Inc. announced that the two companies have collaborated to create one of the most comprehensive online video analytics offerings in the broadband industry.

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Bloggers Bum Rushing the Charts

A growing group of bloggers and podcasters are urging their fans to join together on March 22nd and make an independently released track #1 on the iTunes chart with a campaign titled "Bum Rush The Charts"

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Bad News Travels Faster with Social Media

Social media are the new vehicles on the Internet that allow humans to interact with each other. They’re proliferating at an incredible rate. It can be as simple as a commenting system on a blog or voting on videos on YouTube. Most humans are sociable creatures and enjoy such interactions. Not surprisingly social media are becoming more and more popular.

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Finding a Good Leader

Finding good leaders, I mean the really good leaders, is not easy. John Maxwell, in his book Developing the Leaders Around You gives us a few pointers on what to look for when looking for a good leader.

Positiveness: The ability to work with and see people and situations in a positive way.

Servanthood: The willingness to submit, play team ball, and follow the leader.

Growth Potential: A hunger for personal growth and development; the ability to keep growing as the job expands.

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Book Publisher Asks About Microsoft Search Strategy

Joe Wikert, who works at Wiley (he’s an executive there) which is one of the world’s oldest (and biggest) book publishing companies asks some harsh questions about Microsoft’s search strategy.

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Links for the Non-English Web

I’d love to know where one can submit “fun” links for the non-English language web (I’ve just added translations to a site of mine).

If you have a new non-English web site, you can submit it to sites like Boing Boing, Digg, Fark, CollegeHumor, MetaFilter, and if they like it they link to it. But where do you submit something for… China? Japan? Russia? Italy? Spain? Brazil? India?

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AskCity to Revolutionize?

Google maps had been hot favorite for a long time. However, the AskCity is here to revolutionize local map search. It has the same interface as that of Google Maps with astounding features. Lately, Ask blog has informed about fresh batch of upgrades: search enabled drawing tools

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Sites With PageRank 10 And 9

Scott Vivian has written an article on PageRank domains with a PageRank of 9 and 10.

He says:

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Web standards Not About Standardization

I just read one fricking fantastic post by Andy Rutledge on web quality.

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Wanting What I Can’t have

I recently got feedback from an SEO Book buyer who stated that their site was not accepted by some directories I recommend. If someone does not accept your site realize that due to their editorial stringency a link from that location is probably worth more than a link from the sites that did accept your site.

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What Everyone Should Know About Being a Top Digger

Chris Winfield from 10e20 wrote an interesting article yesterday on how to become a top Digg user without doing anything shady. The purpose of the article is to teach you how to become a top user so you can increase your odds of promoting stories to the homepage. As a top Digg user, I feel that the most people don’t understand the difference between a top Digg user and a normal user.

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AdWords Qualification Lasts For 2 Years

Search Engine Roundtable reports that Google AdWords Qualified Professionals Valid For Two Years. Many Google AdWords Professionals were not sure whether the seal that they get after meeting the requirements set forth by Google lasts for an year or more. 

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Hidden Distribution Costs

I recently went to a soap shop in downtown San Fransisco called Lush. It is the most expensive soap I have ever seen, and a perfect product for the web. My girlfiriend asked the clerk if they sold online and they said yes, but don’t buy Lush soap from

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Picasa Upgrades, Falls Short Of Flickr

Picasa is owned by Google, so it’s always been a bit vexing that the site’s search function lagged behind Flickr’s. Google is apparently taking steps to remedy the situation, as a new update allows users to “[d]iscover and explore public photos posted by others in the Picasa Web Albums community.”

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Google Website Optimizer – a Win-Win

Like a few others, I’ve been beta testing Google Website Optimizer. It’s great.

Here’s why it’s a win for Google. They’ll make more revenue because marketers who test will get impatient and need more data. They’ll enable their paid search accounts fully, possibly even enabling marginally performing groups, to get a statistically significant conclusion to their test more quickly so they can move on.

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Microsoft to Improve SERPs

A WebmasterWorld thread informs about Microsoft’s claims to take over the Internet search. An article on NYTimes reports about Microsoft’s future plans.

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Google Checkout Logos Appearing on AdSense Ads

When Google introduced their AdSense network they not only created an ad syndication network, but also a way to syndicate the Google brand.

At first it was the cute Ads by Gooooooooooooogle stuff. Then they started marketing Google Checkout heavily by offering $10 off coupons. Then they started syndicating flash and video ads for Gmail, then Google Pack, and now they are placing Google Checkout icons in the AdSense advertiser ads.

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When is the Best Time for Blogging?

Having co-workers that do public relations, they seem to have timing down. They know when to put out press releases for the most coverage, when the best time to call people is and what time is optimal to send out an email campaign to get the most responses. So that got me wondering, when is the best time to blog?

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A Podcaster Opportunity

Internet radio broadcasters face the alarming prospect of paying much higher royalties to song performers, says the Wall Street Journal, a burden that could silence some online stations.

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Attention Seizing Social Media Marketing Article

An article on SEOmoz written by Jane, ‘How to Leverage Web 2.0 & Social Media Sites to Market Your Brand & Control Your Message‘ covers about thirty sites that one can make use of for marketing.

Jane says about the article:

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Microsoft Overcharges, Refunds, Charges Again

A couple of weeks back a major Microsoft AdCenter bug costed advertisers huge amounts. This bug made the advertisers pay a blasting amount as compared to what they have bid for. However, this bug was soon fixed and before the advertisers could even raise their brows they were paid back.

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ReviewMe – Misrepresenting?

I was shocked (and a little saddened) to read the Consumerist post detailing their apparent misrepresentation of blog partners. Looks like someone at ReviewMe has been adding sites to their listings that haven’t actually signed up for the service.

It seems, though, that the good ship Lifehacker might not be the only blog ReviewMe is “representing”…

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WordPress Blog as an OpenID

OpenID ? Wow this is really smart. You can now use your WordPress blog as an OpenID.

From Simon:

"Are you fed up with having to remember dozens of usernames and password? Does the idea of creating yet another account on yet another site leave you cold?

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Flickr to Launch New Language Versions

Flickr to launch Chinese-language version by end of 2007 In comments made to journalists in Taipei during a recent visit, Flickr Chief Stewart Butterfield said that Flickr would launch traditional Chinese, French, German and Spanish versions of Flickr by the end of 2007 according to the DigiTimes.

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Google Maps Gets Up Close and Personal

Holy moly that is a close up zoom of a camel (see my screenshot above) – and it works for other place on Google Maps too!

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Microsoft Makes Video Deal with AP

This could be a pretty big deal: is reporting an exclusive — that Microsoft has signed a deal with Associated Press, the giant wire service, to “develop an online video platform for thousands of U.S. newspapers, television and radio stations to upload, publish and monetize locally-created video.” 

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FeedBurner Headline Animator Overhaul Continues

A week and a half ago FeedBurner added the ability for users to see the amount page views their headline animator widget received.

Yesterday they continued the overhaul by making it easier for users on Myspace, TypePad, Blogger, Wordpress and various email programs to incorporate the headline animator into their desired framework.

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Flickr’s “Sets of Sets”

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

Interesting to note recent comments by Flickr Chief Stewart Butterfield about an upcoming feature due out likely soon at Flickr. "Sets of Sets," or being able create sub albums in your Flickr albums has probably been the single most requested feature at Flickr over the past two years or so. About four months ago Stewart indicated in a Flickr Ideas forum that this feature was being worked on and recent comments now indicate that it’s close to launch:

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Modern Marketing and Change

Three years ago Jeff Jarvis was kind enough to share one of his presentations with me about the changing trends in media. 

It provided a wonderful insight into the US market in 2004. 

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A Wrap-Up of Search Summit

Search Summit was well worth the trip down to Sydney. The conference was at Luna Park and I also got the opportunity to stay with friends and go out to dinner. I lived in Sydney for 10 years and while I don’t regret moving away from the corporate world it’s good to experience the buzz of the big city once in a while.

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Scoble at Microsoft TechFest

It’s weird being back at Microsoft just a few yards from the building I last worked at. I’m sitting in the front row with Jeff Clavier, Scott Beale, and a bunch of others (there are several hundred journalists here for Microsoft Research’s 15-year-blowout TechFest).

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Submitting Pages to’s Search Index

A Search Engine Watch Forums post inquires on the way to get site indexed in’s Webmasters page says that its crawlers go around the web from one link to another looking for significant content.

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Google On Making Use Of Robots Meta Tags

Owing to Danny Sullivan’s post on how search engines handle meta tags, Google’s Vanessa Fox has written a post on how Google handles these tags.

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Apple, Google Ready To Make “New Things”

Rumors of a Mac Tablet spurred a question to Google CEO Eric Schmidt about what his company and Apple may be doing to make that product a reality.

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New Scoble Coming in September

You know it as the birthplace of HP, Yahoo, Google, Sun, and Cisco, among others.

But coming in September 2007 another kind of startup is coming to Stanford University: a new Scoble! Yeah, Maryam and I are expecting a new child.

Why Stanford University? Cause Maryam’s mom has been to the hospitals there several times for various surgeries and we’ve always been impressed with their care and it’s close to work.

We learned last week that she’s been pregnant for three months and are quite excited and nervous. Big changes in lifestyle ahead.

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Yahoo’s Search SDK Updated

So I’ve been ranting and raving about how we need to make this the year everyone knows about ColdFusion.

Well, I am very happy to say that Yahoo has just updated their Search SDK, and guess what language makes a brand new appearance??.

Yep – that’s right. COLDFUSION! Sorry to "yell" but I’m just that happy about it. The SDK includes both a simple search example and my ColdFusion Yahoo package.

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Is Yahoo Becoming a Clone of Google?

Brett Tabke recently opened up a forum thread on WebmasterWorld titled: Yahoo SERPS vs Google SERPS – If you can’t beat em – join em?. Brett also provides a screen shot comparing the results screens of the two engines.

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Google Testing Yellow Background for Adwords

As spotted by Jensense, Google have been testing yellow backgrounds against the top central PPC listings instead of the usual blue. Why the tests? Well, Google are known for their continuous testing and experimenting with different ad styles and formats.

So why the different colours?

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Patent and Trademark Office to Enable Comments

According to the Washington Post, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is planning to launch a trial project in which outsiders will be able to comment on proposed patents that are working their way through the (incredibly time-consuming) patent application process. In effect, people will be allowed to post comments on patents and then other users will be allowed to vote on those comments, a la

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Who’s Going to Emetrics London?

One of the biggest conferences in terms of Web Analytics, the Emetrics Summit, is quickly coming up at the end of March (this time in London). 

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Ning – Rise Of The Social Niche-Work is a site that enables users to create their own social networks on any topic they want useing a log of social media tools like photo sharing, video sharing, blogs etc.

There are an amazing array of features avalable and all customizable through a nice ajaxy interface. Basically if you want to create your own version of myspace or facebook for your own college you can, think of it like yahoo groups 2.0. Check out the Battlestar Galactica group on Ning

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Does SMM Do Mobile?

Pandia Search Engine News suggested as 2007 opened that this is the year of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Certainly and not unexpectedly everyone seems to be talking about it. In response, the Cre8asite Forums have opened a new Forum on Social Media and Tagging.

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Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts with Web Analytics

As most of you know, capturing, analyzing, and interpreting campaign and website data is often a significant challenge. Vast amounts of data, disparate information sources, and confusing analytical tools are only a few of the obstacles between managers and actionable business insights.

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Can Newspapers Be Social Networks?

So USA Today

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Social Media Invades Inc. 500

I came across an interesting study conducted by UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research today. 

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Niche SEO Conferences

Recently, in addition to the expansion of Elite Retreat, a couple more smaller niche SEO conferences have been announced. These conferences offer a great value because they allow you to be close to the facilitator. They are like buying under-priced consulting in the form of a conference.

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Open Source Developer Warns of Adobe

Ted Leung is an open source developer (he works on Mitch Kapor

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How Long Before Google Acts on a Changed Robots.txt?

Alek Komarnitsky did a little searchbot experiment. For a long time, he had a special robots.txt file that commanded search engines to ignore a

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Right Media Exchange Revenue Grows 81% in 6 Months

We released a press release on Wednesday at Right Media that talks about some statistics for the Right Media Exchange over the last six months. Being a stats nut, I love this kind of stuff and thought it would be worthwhile to share here.

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Bid Management Tool Leaks Adwords Data

Ulco from has written a post on bid management tool from Search Works leaks Adwords data

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YouTube Surpasses TV Network Websites

Hitwise reported that early last month, YouTube

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AdWords Team Answers My Prayers

Remember looking at your web analytics and seeing higher bounce rate from visitors coming out of Google content network? Ever wanted to know exactly who these

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Blogger Face-Off

The Daily Blog Tips blog has just released the first of its Blogger Face-Off series. This is where 2 bloggers are asked the same questions and their answers are posted side by side. This week the Daily Blog featured 2 very popular bloggers: Jeremy Shoemaker and Darren Rowse.

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UK vs. US – Yahoo Search Marketing Minimum Bids

Yahoo has recently clarified that they’ll be sticking with the $0.10 min bid in the U.S. and discontinuing grandfathered bids.

Which should make it surprising that they’re dropping the minimum in the UK to 5p – except that 5p works out to roughly 10c. So it’s about the same in both places.

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Vloggies Show at SXSW

Irina Slutsky has been working on something fun: The Vloggies Show. This will highlight the interesting video from around the Internet that

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Branding Through Social Media

Branding is important when it comes to social media marketing. If you are trying to use social media sites for exposure and traffic not only is it important to brand your domain name, but it is also important to brand your user name by keeping it consistent throughout all social sites.

Read More Proves That Digg Can Still be Bought

Despite the many bold claims by Digg execs that the popular tagging site can easily spot attempts to game the system, proves that it can be done – and quite easily too.

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Blog PR Insight from Politics


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Give Constructive Criticism Constructively

Last week I read an article that blasted Rand for an article he wrote pointing out the differences between expert and novice SEOs. While I agree with everything written in that article, I think the author could, and should, have taken a better approach.

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Australian Schools Block YouTube


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Two Copies of Pages Indexed in Google

I did a `` in Google only to find that 2 copies of all my pages were being indexed. One without a trailing slash which was going into Google

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Dave Pasternack SEO Contest Comes to an End

The much hyped Dave Pasternack SEO contest has come to a close and the winner is

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Small Business Ingenuity

A television station who couldn’t afford the $20,000 commercial link for their station enlisted the help of a wok and saved $19,990.

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Google Ad Sales Head Quits

Patrick Keane, the head of advertising sales strategy at Google has called it quits. Now he will become executive VP and chief marketing officer at CBS Interactive. Keane served at Google for more than four years. Before joining Google, Keane was a VP and senior analyst at Jupiter Research.

A press release reports:

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Top Contributors Get Rewards from MySQL

I just read about MySQL’s Quality Contribution Program (QCP) and I have to say it rocks! It’s a great way to build and maintain community.

Essentially, folks who submit bug reports, test cases or code patches get “QA Points”. When contributors reach a certain level of points over the past 12 months, they get a 1 year subscription to MySQL Enterprise Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

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SiliconValleyWatcher’s Silicon Valley Minute Project

Tom Foremski, he of SiliconValleyWatcher, has teamed with Elizabeth Safran to launch a new project called Silicon Valley Minute.

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Learn About Your Cookies

A fellow Right Media employee, friend, and one of the smartest ad guys I know named Mike Nolet is now blogging at

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University Spam

Bill Slawski recently did a great post about University SPAM. He tried some smart queries that exposed how it is taking place:

Children’s Charity Sets Up in Habbo Hotel

While the focus this week on virtual communities has been on Second Life, with news of developer Electric Sheep’s $7 million tie-up with CBS and others, here’s news of one organization’s plans for another virtual community.

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IP Labeling Added to StatCounter

StatCounter has made yet another addition to their web analytics framework by adding the ability to label IP addresses that visit your site.

Here’s the offical post from the StatCounter Forum:

How this gives value to users:

– Help you identify click fraudsters

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Ray Ozzie Says Nothing

Ahh, Ray Ozzie spoke at a Goldman Sachs conference this morning. Todd Bishop of Seattle PI has the details. Key quote from Todd’s report? “There were no obvious bombshells, or surprise announcements, but people interested in where the company is headed will no doubt be analyzing his comments for indications and clues.”

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WiFi Users Online More

Those busy folks over at the Pew Internet and American Life Project have released a study showing that people with WiFi access tend to spend more time online than those tethered to a hard-wired connection.

Thirty-four percent of Interet users have gone online using WiFi, with most of them using hotspots away from home or work. Details here.

From a communications standpoint, the first implication that leaps to mind is the potential for internal communications.

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