Fonda And Steinem Want Limbaugh Off The Air

Fonda And Steinem Want Limbaugh Off The Air

By Amanda Crum March 13, 2012 | 4 Comments

For years, Rush Limbaugh has been under fire for his comments on air during his radio program, “The Rush Limbaugh Show”. Lately, however, he seems to be going out of his way to incense the public, and his sponsors are …

Facebook Eating MySpaces Cafeteria Lunch

My fellow FutureLab blogger, danah boyd, wrote an interesting and controversial essay about the social network migration of high school students: Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace. (Boyd blogs at Many-to-Many and Apophenia about social networking and related topics.) She sums up her point:

Rubel vs. PC Mag

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get most of the reaction to Steve Rubel’s little Twitter-related gaffe (Twaffe?), in which he said that he throws his PC Magazine in the trash, and now has had to apologize to the editor-in-chief of PC Mag, etc. First of all, you mean they still publish PC Mag? Who knew. I stopped subscribing years ago, and so did anyone else with any sense.

PayPerPost Solicits Gizmodo, Gets Wagged
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PayPerPost offers bloggers payment for writing reviews of products or services. Their business model has drawn criticism from sites like Valleywag, which just happens to be under the Gawker Media umbrella with Gizmodo.

Astroturfing: Time to walk the talk

Last month’s anti-astroturfing initiative by Australian PR bloggers Trevor Cook and Paull Young got off to a good start with plenty of commentary in support of the idea.

The Twisted Jupiter Tale

I’d intended to title this post “more twists in the Jupiter tale” but I think the actual title is far more appropriate.

Microsofts Opportunity After Robert Scoble

Some of the blogosphere commentary following Robert Scoble’s news that he is leaving Microsoft to join Podtech in July is on who will be the next Scoble at Microsoft.

The continuing case for cutting out the middlemen

Last week, I posted commentary about an article by John Lloyd in the Financial Times on the relationship – I used the word symbiosis: check the definition – between journalism and PR in politics.

Spinning Vista and Grassroots Resentment

So Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows Vista will be delayed in its public release for consumers, not coming out until early 2007 instead of the expected later in 2006.

How Do We Define ‘Bloggers’?

After reading Steve Rubel’s commentary on a new study that suggests less than 5% of bloggers act like real journalists, I asked myself “who’s actually defining bloggers?”

Comments for Dan Gillmor – Bloggers and Disclosure

Apparently you have to be “logged in” in order to share your views with Dan Gillmor. Sorry, while I accept that’s your policy, I don’t have time.

Edgeio Thoughts

I’m way behind on stuff I’d planned to write (and read) and am also now partially sleep deprived thanks to weird schedule gyrations, SES New York, and The Fire Alarm From Hell at the Sheraton (a story for later). So take this with a grain of salt or two.

Edgeio Opens New Era in Blogging

I got an early look at Edgeio a few months back at one of those famous TechCrunch parties but I was sworn to secrecy.

SAP enters SaaS market

Yesterday, the German enterprise software vendor SAP announced it is entering the hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) market with the expansion of its mySAP CRM offering to include a hosted option.

The Conversation Is Rapidly Evolving

As I relax on my train journey back to Amsterdam aboard the high-speed Thalys TGV, I sit in reflective mode regarding this morning’s terrific panel discussion on the giant global focus group at the IABC Europe conference in Paris.

Improving Weblog Usability

Website usability guru Jakob Nielsen published his top 10 weblog design mistakes, and the list plus his commentary are interesting reading.

Survey: RSS On the Rise Among Key Influencers

Last week Nooked, the RSS search engine and directory of corporate RSS feeds, published the aggregated results of two connected surveys they conducted in March.