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Exclusive: Google Leads People To NoFollow Help Center

Matt Cutts told Mike McDonald of WebProNews about something new from Google: the search advertising company opened a little help center on the topic of nofollows and links.

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Custodial Maintenance of the Social Web

So despite all the hype I and others wrap around social media programs, there remains a very raw, very real and very unsexy part of this line of work that seldomly gets discussed — and that’s the ugly, but critical custodial maintenance of the social web.

This is what I jokingly, err, awkwardly refer to as "Janitor 2.0"

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Stopping WordPress Comment Spam

I am now averaging over 100 spam emails every day in my Akismet spam trap. So, thank you Akismet.

But being a conscientious kind of guy, I want to make sure a “false positive” hasn’t got quarantined, so I like to go through the spam comments before deleting them, just to be sure.

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Learning from Comment Spam

I just deleted about 10,000 comment spams from a blog. What could one learn from going through all that spam?

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Strategies for Preventing Comment Spam

Bloggers are painfully aware of website owners who try to improve their websites rank by adding links to blogs. There are several strategies for combating this problem.

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