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Eddie Murphy: No Remake of “Coming to America”

This is the 25th year anniversary for the 80’s classic, “Coming to America”, and sometimes, on special anniversaries, there’s talk of a sequel or remake. But not this time, sorry fans. According to People, the problem is not lack of motivation, it could be fear of the lawsuit. When Eddie Murphy went on Arsenio Hall’s show on Tuesday night, the …

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Feud Between Arsenio Hall & Eddie Murphy?

On Wednesday night’s episode of the Arsenio Hall Show, guest, co-star, and old friend, Eddie Murphy, appeared as Hall’s guest. Hall and Murphy starred together in the 1988 comedy in which Murphy plays an African king who treks to New York to find his future wife. Hall plays the king’s wing man in the film. This year will mark the …

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Coming To America Sequel: Eddie Murphy And Arsenio Hall Discuss [Video]

Eddie Murphy’s career, as many would argue, has certainly gone downhill since he had kids, and has not been making the kind of movies that he used to. Maybe a Coming To America sequel is exactly the thing that the veteran comedic actor needs in order to get his career back on track. The comedic genius of the 1980s was …

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Eddie Murphy Appears on “Arsenio”

It’s been 25 years since audiences roared with laughter while watching Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in the hit comedy, Coming to America. The duo, who also appeared together in Harlem Nights, chatted about their experiences on Arsenio’s new talk show last night. Hall even asked Murphy why they never did a sequel to Coming to America. Murphy responded in …

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