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God Particle Not Found by CERN, Finds Comic-Sans Instead

CERN is an organization which can be accredited for bringing us the internet via Tim Berners-Lee, along with other scientific and technological advancements. Lately, they’ve been utilizing their Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator to find the higgs boson. Which is also called the “god particle“. You would think an organization dealing with something like the higgs boson …

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The Comic Sans Project Promises To Defend Everyone’s Favorite Font

One time, during a fairly boring lecture in one of my unremarkable college courses, something amazing happened. My professor put up the title page from a student’s essay and began mercilessly berating said student for one simply failure. They used Comic Sans. Of course the name was blacked out and nobody could possibly know which student had committed the unforgivable …

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