Colorado Rockies Articles

Troy Tulowitzki Going To The Cardinals?

Rumors usually surface during the week of the annual GM/owners’ meetings in Major League Baseball and this week is no exception. With this week’s meetings scheduled in Orlando, FL, there’s already major noise about all-star shortstop, Colorado Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki …

Hikers Stranded in Colorado Rescue Themselves

Two women who had been stranded in the Colorado Rockies during an ice storm walked out to safety on their own Friday after rescuers were unable to reach them. Suzanne Turell, 33, and Connie Yang, 32, are experienced mountaineers but …

Major League Crash Stalls Rockies Ticket Sales

The ticketing system operated by a California company has been unable to process World Series ticket sales for Colorado Rockies fans, and those baseball fans are not happy about it.

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