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Alaska Marijuana: State Takes First Step To Legalization

Some 46,000 supporters of a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis turned in their signatures to election officials on Wednesday. This marks Alaska’s first step towards an August ballot on the matter. Some 30,000 validated signatures are required to take the issue to a vote. Advocates of the weed believe that the time is right for legalizing marijuana. The group that …

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Colorado Marijuana Sales Start Off Strong- As Expected

The debate over the legalization of marijuana has been going on for decades. Colorado recently made history this week when it allowed recreational marijuana stores to open their doors and sell their products to the long lines of customers waiting to take advantage of the new policy. Buyers weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the policy, over 30 shops …

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Marijuana Legalization: Long Lines Form for Purchase

Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado on Wednesday. What started out as a a few people lining up outside pot shops early Wednesday quickly grew to crowds of hundreds as the day progressed. With the rise in demand came the rise in prices as well. One shop reportedly raised its price for an eighth of an ounce from $25 to …

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Colorado Marijuana: Buy Weed Legally Starting Today

Colorado State has started the New Year ¬†with an historic experiment in cannabis policy. More than 37 shops licensed to sell marijuana to anyone aged 21 and above opened their doors to eager buyers on Wednesday. At one point, the demand was so great that some shops raised the price of an eighth of an ounce from $25 to $45 …

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