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Skydivers Collision Kills Two Men

As if Skydiving doesn’t seem dangerous enough, add a group of over 200 people in the air at one time. Two experienced jumpers collided on Tuesday in mid-air around 200 feet above ground with their parachutes open. Their parachutes collapsed and then they plummeted to the ground. One died on scene, the other was taken to the hospital and pronounced …

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Skydiver Planes Collide; Everyone Jumps to Safety

It was supposed to be an exciting weekend until everything went terrifyingly wrong in a split second for two planes, each full of excited skydivers. CNN reports that those two planes endured a mid-air collision, but everyone on both planes safely landed on the ground. Miraculously, only two passengers were injured in the crash! The crash took place last weekend …

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Philippine Ship Collision Causes Fatalities

Maritime tragedy has left many in the Philippines heart-broken when a cargo ship, M/V Sulpicio Express 7, and a passenger ship, St. Thomas Aquinas, collided with each other in the province of Cebu. Unfortunately, the official death toll count is now at thirty-eight. Between the two ships, a total of 870 individuals were aboard including both passengers and crew where …

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