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Search Tool for Colleges Emerges

College Kingdom has launched new search tools for students, or anyone for that matter, to search over seven thousand colleges’, universities’, career schools’, and adult education programs’ websites all at once.

College Kingdom   Google Custom Search

Colleges Use Texting To Warn Students
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Colleges across the country are implementing or have implemented text- based messaging systems in order to communicate with students in the event of an emergency.

YouTube 101, Just Because

Your first reaction to the news that a college offers a class in YouTube might be to dredge up old "underwater basket-weaving" jokes; learning the school is in California, might be less surprising – after all, Stanford offers a course in Facebook apps.

Google Courting More Students With Email

Google’s serious about creating relationships with the greater Academia – its founders were collegiate all-stars building printers out of Legos, and of course badly-named search engines (Google was once called BackRub, we imagine because that was Larry Page’s best pickup line) – ahem, as more and more universities turn their email systems over to the search engine company.

Red Hat Choice Academic To Colleges

The company announced a trio of universities would adopt Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Network solutions for some of their computing needs.

YouTube In Your Facebook
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YouTube is getting into Facebook’s arena, adding a video-networking angle for college students. Part of the Groups section of the site, students can share videos from last night’s ballgame, or last weekend’s kegger.

Windows Live Signing Up Colleges By The Truckload

Microsoft has been busy, signing up colleges to use their Windows Live @ edu. A lot of colleges.

University 2.0 and Boston Colleges John Gallaugher

As a Computer Science undergrad at Boston College, I regretfully admit that I only took one business class. But the one class I took was more than worth it.

Colleges Face $7 Billion Security Update

To comply with federal wiretap requirements, universities in the US will have to upgrade a lot of expensive hardware and are complaining about the cost.

Microsoft Asks Colleges to Teach Hacking

Students will learn how to hack into software and fix its bugs. Microsoft is working with a number of universities in several countries to set up courses that teach students how to write secure code, the company said Friday. The University of Leeds in England is the first to announce such a course.