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Latest 2013-14 College Football Bowl Schedule

The 2013-2014 BCS lineup serves mainly as a formality now, as college football polls have confirmed that Florida State is number one and Auburn is number two. Both schools will face off at the Rose Bowl on January 6th, the …

NCAA Suing EA Sports: End Of College Sports Games? NCAA Suing EA Sports: End Of College Sports Games?

The NCAA has had a long history with EA Sports, and the production of NCAA football video-games. However, recently reports have surfaced saying that the NCAA is suing EA Sports for a number of issues that have arisen during the …

NCAA Hockey Brawl Sets NCAA Record [Video]

You wouldn’t normally expect it from a hockey match between two women’s teams, but the NCAA hockey brawl that broke out on Friday night was like no other, and tons of penalties were issued. The game turned into an all-out …

ESPN Founder Hopes To Score With Sports Site
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The Founder of ESPN, Bill Rasmussen, launched today CollegeFanz.com, an interactive site focused on college sports and their fans.