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Microsoft Goes Sweet On Open Source CRM

A technical collaboration between Microsoft and SugarCRM should enhance how SugarCRM’s product works on Windows Server platforms.

Google And Sun Detail Collaboration

The CEOs of the two tech companies disclosed the news today during a press conference at the Computer History Museum in Google’s Mountain View backyard.

CTC Keynote: Thomas Malone

Notes from the Collaborative Technologies Conference in NYC, mirrored in the wiki, from a talk I’ve heard before by Thomas Malone, the author of The Future of Work — but also with a quick video conference with Jimmy Wales while talking about Wikipedia.

Research Indicates B2B Companies Struggle with Lead Generation and Follow-up

Companies continue to struggle with effective lead generation and lead management according to a new report, “Best Practices in Lead Development,” by SiriusDecisions and KnowledgeStorm.

Intranet Portals Collaboration through Team Rooms

In this article, David Viney looks at how collaboration between and amongst teams can become a killer application on your Intranet Portal.

Blog and Wiki Best Practices

Infoworld has written an article on a comprehensive package on the use of blogs/wikis in internal communications as well as for corporate communications/PR.

Collaboration Software – Building An Office Without Walls

The rise of the internet has given businesses a new way to think and function on both the individual level and as a whole.

Blogs For Collaboration Between Companies

Could we help Chlo, a French student, to find relevant blog examples? She contacted me to find out if I knew of any blog projects launched to facilitate collaboration between companies.

Oracle’s New Real Time Content Management

Oracle’s Collaboration Suite 10g has new real-time collaboration tools and enterprise content management capabilities.

Eran Livneh Answers Software Marketing Questions

Working in the software market, one has to be acutely aware of the technology adoption cycle and its implications on company’s strategy at any given stage. B2B software marketing has been Eran’s area of expertise for over ten years, most of them spent in senior management positions with companies in this space. He now runs the MarketCapture consulting practice, helping software companies combine this kind of strategic awareness with hands-on approach to tactical execution of marketing programs.

A Framework for Sales and Marketing Collaboration

In this article, we’ll try to add some detail and offer practical action items for sales and marketing when approaching prospects at various stages of readiness.

To do that, we’ll look at prospects at three stages along the buying cycle: latent pain, recognized pain, and action oriented.

Microsoft pushes collaboration in business apps

As expected, Microsoft Corp. is pushing out a series of enhancements to its business applications that will boost collaboration and integration capabilities among employees, customers and partners. This week at the Convergence 2003 customer conference here, the company’s business solutions unit announced a new portal interface for its products and showcased upcoming technologies that will be part of its Microsoft Business Network Web-services-based collaboration framework.