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ColdFusion Job Opportunities Going Inert

For programmers considering a career path, employers seeking Java and .NET skillsets greatly outnumber those who want a ColdFusion programmer or developer.

ColdFusion A Jolt Award Finalist

ColdFusion MX7 got a nice boost earlier on Tuesday when Software Development magazine announced the finalists for their Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards. The Adobe owned software was one of seven finalists in the Web Development Tools category.

ColdFusion: Quicker Scripting, at a Price

ColdFusion is a rapid application development language for the web, developed by Macromedia.

Coldfusion Web Hosting
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What is ColdFusion and ColdFusion Web Hosting?

Speed up Your Application Development in Macromedia’s ColdFusion MX 7.0

Macromedia announced their release of Coldfusion’s latest version on February 7, 2005.

ColdFusion BlackStone – Beta Is The New Black

The Macromedia Blackstone project is currently in beta testing. For those of you that don’t know, Blackstone is the latest version of ColdFusion MX.

Creating Your Very Own RSS XML Feeds with ColdFusion MX!
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Have you ever wanted to create your very own RSS Feed? DO you have anything on your site you would like others to have access to?

Managing Remote Files with ColdFusion

At the request of a fellow EasyCFM Forum user, we’re going to discuss how to use ColdFusion to manage remote files on the server. While the original request was only for .txt files specifically, we’re going to look at handling .txt, .cfm, .cfml, .htm, and .html. This can actually come in handy if you need to do a quick edit on a page on your Web site, but have no access to FTP clients…only a Web browser.In order for the code shown in this tutorial to work, all files to be edited must reside on the Web server, in the web root directory, in a directory called myfiles’. The tutorial will assume the following path:

Creating a File Content Crawler with ColdFusion

This tutorial will show you how to create a local file crawler that will enable you to find a specified document type (i.e. PDF files) within a directory (and it’s children directories).

Reading Your IIS Log Files with ColdFusion

Have you ever wanted to parse through your IIS web logs to create a “WebTrends” like application in ColdFusion?

Using PayPal’s IPN with ColdFusion

If you’ve ever wanted to have a shopping cart solution that works in REAL time, but didn’t want to (or couldn’t) get a merchant account, your alternative is PayPal. PayPal is the leading money processing site on the web, with millions of transactions each day! A short time ago, PayPal introduced Instant Payment Notification (“IPN”) which allowed vendors the ability to sell products from their web sites and then update their databases in real time when customers checked out.

ColdFusion Mad Libs (Part 1 of 2)

Hello ColdFusion people. Here’s a nice little time-waster that you can put up on your site that is sure to amuse your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

How to create WAP Pages in ColdFusion
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Using of ColdFusion to create dynamic WAP pages is much easier than using other languages like PHP, ASP or JSP (a very hard one!). In fact, ColdFusion is a very good for one new to the WAP world to learn how to create dynamic WAP pages because it is very easy to learn.

The many uses of ColdFusion simulated queries

Like any modern Web application server, ColdFusion allows you to query databases and retrieve data. Unlike many Web application servers, CF makes it extremely easy to query databases and retrieve data.

Writing Pluggable ColdFusion Modules

When you have to bugfix, extend or review a ColdFusion application, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself browsing a directory tree representing the navigation on the site. Within these directories, typically some 40 or 50 files with names like list.cfm, insertform.cfm, insertaction.cfm, etc. reside.

Extending ColdFusion Studio

We all know and dearly love ColdFusion Studio (and its little brother HomeSite). We all have favorite features, we all have our own little tips, tricks, and settings, and we all find ways to make it work as suits as best.