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Anita Sarkeesian Talks #GamerGate on Colbert

For years now Anita Sarkeesian has been under attack. As a blogger Sarkeesian writes Femenist Frequency, a blog and video series dedicated to examining the representation of women in pop culture. Her work often focuses on touchy subjects within subcultures, …

Stephen Colbert and Hugh Laurie “Bring it” to Broadcast TV
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Drop a challenge? Leave it up to funny man pundit Stephen Colbert to lay down a gauntlet. During an episode of the Colbert Report, a popular late-night cable show, he paired up with British actor Sir Hugh Laurie for an …

Breaking Bad Meets Downton Abbey and Cooks Up One Hilarious Cup of Tea

Thanks, Colbert Report. Thank you for this wonderful brew of two great shows. Thank you for getting the cast of Downton Abbey to participate. And most importantly, thank you for getting Lord Grantham to say “mo money, mo quandaries.” If …

Colbert Gains Support On Facebook
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Comedian Stephen Colbert’s fictitious bid for the presidency has created a pretty big buzz on social networking site Facebook.

Google Seeks Court Time With Stewart, Colbert

Depositions from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, hosts on two of Viacom’s hottest shows, could be part of the legal proceedings between Google and Viacom.

Colbert Sets Off Googlebomb

The Google bomb is back, and Stephen Colbert is, figuratively speaking, riding atop it, cowboy hat in hand.  That’s right – according to the top Google search results, Colbert is the "greatest living American," and, as it so happens, also possesses some "giant brass balls."

EFF Sues Viacom to Prevent DMCA Abuse
You already know that Viacom is suing YouTube for a gazillion dollars for copyright infringement, but now the cable company is facing a backlash over its careless use of the DMCA.

Nate Anderson reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation – a nonprofit group that looks to protect digital rights and free speech – is suing Viacom for its misuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Among thousands of DMCA takedown notices sent out, is one of a Stephen Colbert parody video that the EFF claims doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

The Top Linked-To Blog Posts In 2006
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Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s news analysis mockup, “The Colbert Report,” had a big year on the Internet. In addition to orchestrating a “wikiality” check for Wikipedia, Colbert attracted the second most number of links to a blog covering the White House correspondents’ dinner.

Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2006

The top blogs in 2006 mainly focused on politics and satire according to a report from Nielsen BuzzMetrics. The top blog, based on the number of inbound links from other blogs between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, 2006, was mother.livejournal.com’s petition against changes in the livejournal interface. The single post was linked to in 801 posts by 786 other blogs.

Wikipedia Can’t Handle the Truthiness

Wikipedia got a painful dose of “wikiality” this week as the online encyclopedia’s greatest strength became its worst nightmare. Wikipedia editors, meet Stephen Colbert, whose satirical crusade against “truthiness” arrived with the mocking tone of Monty Python’s coconut hoof beats.