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Win a Date with Tim Cook, and by ‘Win’ We Mean ‘Pay $50,000′ Win a Date with Tim Cook, and by ‘Win’ We Mean ‘Pay $50,000′

Are you pissed off about something that Apple’s doing? Want to get your iPhone 5 signed? Want to congratulate the head of a major tech company on a job well done? Well, here’s your chance. Charity auction site Charitybuzz is …

This iPhone/Cup Holder Is the Ultimate First World Problem Solver This iPhone/Cup Holder Is the Ultimate First World Problem Solver
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A new solution to a first world problem wants your money. How often do you find yourself unable to properly text, Facebook, or play Temple Run because you’re forced to use one of your free hands holding a cup of …

Diabetes Drugs: Coffee Could Reduce Type 2 Risk
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A new report from the Institute for Scientific Information of Coffee (ISIC) shows that drinking three to four cups of coffee per day could lower a person’s chances of developing type 2 diabetes. During the 2012 World Congress on Prevention …

Skin Cancer Coffee: Study Shows Caffeine May Reduce Risk
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Skin cancer coffee is not — I repeat, is not — a new flavor of java over at Starbucks. I know those three words may get your taste buds tingling, but I can assure you that such a thing does …

Starbucks U.S. Products Debut This Week Starbucks U.S. Products Debut This Week

Starbucks’ U.S. products, which are a part of the company’s Create Jobs for USA program, went on sale yesterday (June 12th) in over 7,000 locations across the country. The products will include mugs, tumblers, and coffee, all of which were …

Paralyzed Woman Drinks Coffee Using a Robotic Arm Paralyzed Woman Drinks Coffee Using a Robotic Arm

If you’ve watched the national news in the past few days, you’ve probably already heard this story. It is still amazing, every time we see it. In a breakthrough procedure, a woman has been given the ability to control a …

Hidden Costs: Price of Doing Business [Inforgraphic] Hidden Costs: Price of Doing Business [Inforgraphic]

It may not sound like much, but spending $1.50 or $2.00 a day on a cup of coffee can add up. If you’re not a person to eat items off the McDonalds dollar menu everyday for lunch, eating out can …

Dunkin’ Donuts Twitter Contest Promotes Bad Dates This Valentine’s Day Dunkin’ Donuts Twitter Contest Promotes Bad Dates This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and at this point in our hyper-consumer age it’s no longer novel or ideal to decry how this is a prefab holiday devised by Hallmark and chocolate confectioners in order to sponge up money from all-to-eager …

You Can Now Brew Coffee With Your iPhone, iPad You Can Now Brew Coffee With Your iPhone, iPad
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In what can only be described as the apotheosis of living in the most industrialized and pampered era that has ever existed, now there is this: gourmet coffee shop-style beverages that you brew from a control panel on your iOS …

Starbucks And McDonald’s Traffic Trends

Odds are decent that you see at least one of these establishments every time you leave the house.  So Hitwise has pulled up some data and examined whether Starbucks or McDonald’s will win the high-priced coffee war.Starbucks And McDonald's Traffic Trends

EBay Creates Social Networking Neighborhoods

EBay has entered the crowded social networking space with an ecommerce twist it calls eBay Neighborhoods. These neighborhoods enable people to connect with others who share their passions for certain products or topics.

Google Analytics ‘Coffee Table Book’ Debuts

I’m not sure what constitutes a "coffee table" book in Mountain View, or wherever there might be another high concentration of Internet professionals, but an e-book on Google Analytics wouldn’t make the definition in my house. I prefer my etymological dictionary because I am an entirely different kind of geek.

EBay Sellers Get Some Help, Online and Off
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The eBay Developers Conference in Boston offers up some juicy tidbits for online retailers, from forthcoming third-party applications and research tools to ways to hire certified developers to create widgets for your website.

Scoble Drinks the Adobe coffee

The Adobe Engage event is already proving interesting. Ryan Stewart wins the first report to come through Google Blog Search.

Takeaway? Adobe is indeed coming after developers. It’s interesting to hear their positioning vs. Microsoft. My post last week pretty much nailed it. Adobe’s Kevin Lynch says they try to extend the Web where Microsoft looks, he says, to extend Windows.

MSN Serving Coffee

Thank god for Microsoft

Your Blog is (or should be) a Coffee Shop

Many of us enjoy the free WiFi offered at today’s Coffee Shopsbut Coffee Shops are not popular because of WiFi.

Yahoo Serving Coffee And Ads

A marketing blitz by Yahoo with television and radio advertising will culminate Friday with a coupon offering free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to those who set their browser home pages to Yahoo.

Heading to WebmasterWorld PubCon 2006 in Boston

I’m heading out on a late night flight for Boston this evening to attend the WebmasterWorld conference in Boston.

Goofus & Gallant: Business Ideas

Seth Godin’s book, Free Prize Inside, looks at creating “ideas that make our products and services remarkable.”

Pubcon 10 Las Vegas Starts Tuesday

Monday I leave for Las Vegas to attend Pubcon 10, WebmasterWorld’s Search Engine Marketing Conference.

A Blog Redesign That Rocks

A while back, I wrote about a study that suggested the design of blogs was an inhibitor to usability, particularly among those who are less-than-familiar with the various unique elements of a blog.