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Chicken Plant Cockroaches Cause Shut Down

If you’re still eating chicken after the last shocking headline that 97 percent of chicken breasts tested harbored bacteria that could make you sick, then this might just put you off of chicken completely. Foster Farms has had been shut down due to the cockroach problems in its plant. As CNBC put it: Chicken à la cockroach, anyone? The United …

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Cockroach in Ear: One Man’s Disgusting Story

Just like rats, cockroaches are some of the most resilient little creatures on earth, and why? Because they can survive under the most horrid conditions and can live off just about anything. Apparently, one was trying to find something to eat outside of the cupboard, because a roach was found in a man’s ear, which caused him to rush to …

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This Robot Roach Gives Cheetah Robot A Run For Its Money

I was just thinking that cockroaches needed to be faster. And robotic. Here’s a look at a new robotic cockroach from UC Berkley. It’s called the VelociRoACH. According to Wired, it reaches speeds of 2.7 meters per second (compared to cockroaches, which get up to 1.5 meters per second), making it the second fastest legged robot, after this guy. More …

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