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New Cockroach Invades New York City

A new species of cockroach, normally only found in Asia, has been discovered in New York City. The species known as Periplaneta japonica originated in Japan and is said to be a possible threat to the American cockroach. Not only …

New Cockroach Species Threatens American Cockroaches
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Watch out everyone, there’s a new cockroach in town and it doesn’t mind the cold. A new species of cockroach called Periplaneta japonica has found its way to New York and it has adapted to survive the cold New York …

Robot Cockroach Produces Its Own Power Robot Cockroach Produces Its Own Power
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I think we can all agree that cockroaches are pretty gross. Science has always stuck up for the disgusting vermin and are once again championing the little guys as the first step towards cyborgs. Science has found a way, according …