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Roller Coaster Stranded At Busch Gardens: 16 People Rescued

When you go to an amusement park you don’t want to think about all the bad things that can happen, you want to concentrate on having fun. That said, many of us can’t help but feel a little nervous as we wait in line for a thrill ride such as a big roller coaster. While hundreds of scary scenarios can …

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Six Flags Death Raises Questions of Regulation

Some people are fearless on roller coasters and other thrill rides. Some are certainly not. It’s not a matter of fear, actually. If they were afraid, they wouldn’t get on. Most are probably too old to have any issues with peer pressure. The trouble is, you can think about the whole thing way too much. If you look at the …

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Scammers Continue to Post Fake Facebook Videos

It should be old news by now that if you see a questionable video on Facebook you probably should not click on it, and definitely don’t give any information or fill out a survey. But with the shear number of fake videos popping up and scammers relentless tactics, it can be difficult to discern which videos are fake and which …

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