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Hisense Finds A Pulse In Google TV

Google TV is really picking up steam as we head into fall and the holiday shopping season. The launch of the Vizio Co-Star brought an affordable option to would be Google TV owners across the U.S. by launching at $99. Chinese manufacturer Hisense is now giving Vizio a little competition. Hisense announced today that they would be bringing the Hisense …

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Vizio’s Addition To The Google TV Family Is Now Available For Pre-Order

I was a little scared for the future of Google TV during I/O. The company didn’t talk about it during any of their keynotes and there wasn’t a lot of developer workshops dedicated to the smart TV software. Worry not, however, as the latest shining beacon of hope for Google TV is set to arrive soon with pre-orders starting today. …

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Vizio And Google Are Making Your TV Smart With The CO-Star

Smart TVs will be all the rage sooner or later or so says the company execs who have been pushing them for the past year. Most people seem to think that it won’t really take off until Apple makes a true Apple TV, but it’s still a pretty niche market for now. Vizio is taking a shot at that niche …

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