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CNBC Dismisses Complaints Over Online Poll
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Ron Paul fared a little too well in a post-Republican debate poll run by CNBC, prompting the news site’s managing editor to believe astroturfing had taken place, forcing them to take down the poll.

Google Not Likely To Buy Facebook

That $625 million Google paid for Postini recently isn’t a signal that Google has its hands on its wallet, ready to make the really big social networking buy out there.

AdWords Jury Boxing In November

Google and American Blind & Wallpaper Factory (ABWF) could be destined to collide in court over trademark infringement allegations made by ABWT against AdWords.

Disclosure and transparency: Its PR 101

Our little PR corner of the blogosphere is awash with opinion about the Wal-Mart/Edelman blogger outreach campaign stemming from a story in the New York Times on Tuesday.

CNBC has Origami

CNBC has video of the Origami. Well, one of them. Channel 9 will have almost an hour with Origami’s architect, Otto Berkes.

Forbes’ Daniel Lyons Backs Off a Bit on Blogs

Sam Whitmore has snagged a podcast interview with Daniel Lyons, the author of Forbes’ controversial cover story on blogs.

A Little Morning Blog At CNBC
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The folks at CNBC opened up a new blog for their viewers to read and comment on. According the CNBC, the blog will discuss how they cover the news, current events and lots of other topics.

InfoSearch To Be Featured On CNBC

Search engine marketing is going mainstream, hitting CNBC’s “Business and Beyond” series segment entitled “Undervalued, Under-followed Hidden Gems,” featuring online media and search firm InfoSearch Media, Inc. The segment is scheduled to air on CNBC on Sunday, September 25th at 11:30 PST.

Barry Diller Plans To Grow Ask Jeeves

InformationWeek has Diller’s thoughts on what they plan to do with Ask Jeeves …