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Report: Yahoo Web Analytics Beats Google in Key Areas

CMS Watch, which evaluates and reports on content-related technologies, has issued a report saying that Yahoo Web AnalyticsYahoo Web Analytics (formerly IndexTools) is better than Google Analytics in a number of key areas.

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Report: LinkedIn Better for Enterprises Than Facebook

CMS WatchCMS Watch has released a report suggesting that LinkedIn is moving more rapidly to address enterprise social computing needs. While Facebook received much of the buzz in this area a year ago, LinkedIn is more appealing in an enterprise scenario, it implies.

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Comparing Web Analytics Tools

Last week CMS Watch released the latest Web Analytics Report. This report by Phil Kemelor, the lead analyst of this Report, reviews and compares several web analytics tools in the market. The web analytics tools reviewed in this reports are

24/7 Real Media – Open Ad Stream
AuriQ Systems – RTMetrics
Coremetrics – Online Analytics

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BEA & Oracle Customers Should Expect Major Shifts

CMS Watch, a vendor-neutral analyst firm that evaluates content technologies, has found that some of the largest enterprise portal vendors are experiencing the most change right now, and therefore, choices that appear conservative to customers might actually carry significant near-term risks.

BEA and Oracle customers in particular should expect to see major shifts pending yesterday’s acquisition, as four, overlapping enterprise portal products will compete for attention under Larry Ellison.

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Many Analytics Vendors to Choose From

CMS Watch today rejected the snowball of hype suggesting that Google Analytics and Omniture are the only remaining solid choices for Web Analytics.

For mid-sized and larger enterprises in particular, and buyers in the UK and Europe, there are many established vendors who can provide advanced analytics functionality.

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Web Analytics Vendor Comparison

Today CMS Watch released the Web Analytics Report, which evaluates 13 major Web Analytics suppliers based on extensive vendor research, interviews with customers across a range of industry sectors, and "hands on" testing of solutions. Purchase the report at:

The Web Analytics report is divided up into 6 main parts:

Part 1 – How to Use this Report

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