Clusty Articles

Vivisimo Taps Remix Clustering For Search

A new patent pending technology for the firm behind Clusty.com introduces what they are calling “Clustering 2.0″ to search results.

Clusty Remixes Search

Search engine Clutsy has a new clustering technology to help you find more information related to your search.

They already have a folder of subtopics relating to your search topics. Now there is a small link near the folders with related topics that says, “remix.” Click it and you’ll see more related searches or clusters.

Clusty Mobile Is Made Available

I’m always suspicious when a company claims to have made its product or service available for mobiles.  Is the new version different than the regular offering?  And is it something I’d even want to access from my cell phone?  In regards to Clusty Mobile, a search site, the answer to that first question is “yes.”

FirstGov Launches New Search Engine

Vivisimo and Microsoft combined technologies to power the FirstGov.gov search engine, which launched three months ahead of schedule.

Clusty Has No Lust For Personalization

Providing personalized search has become a big focus for sites like Yahoo and Google, but the CEO of Clusty.com’s parent company Vivisimo thinks search personalization is a dead end.

Clusty Out Of Beta

Vivisimo’s clustering search engine has left beta after a year of testing and feedback from users.

Making A Case For Metasearch

Search engines have caused users to become dependent on their functions, even to the point of becoming “fans” of one or another; that does users a disservice.