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Drug Cartel Leader Shot… By Clown

Reuters and The New York Post have both reported that one of Mexico’s most powerful ex-drug lords was shot by children’s clowns as he attended a party in Cabo San Lucas. A former Tijuana Cartel boss, the 63-year-old Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix sustained a bullet to the head at point-blank range during a family gathering at the Los Cabos resort …

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Northampton Clown Terrorizes Town

Are you familiar with Stephen King’s horror story IT? It’s about a demonic entity that eats children and portrays itself in the form of a clown named Pennywise. Back in 1990, there was a TV mini-series adaptation of IT starring Tim Curry that scared the dickens out of us younglings. There’s no need to worry, because it’s not real. Actually, …

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