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Amazon Talks Preventing Future Outages, Says It’s Sorry Amazon Talks Preventing Future Outages, Says It’s Sorry

Amazon has finally released a big statement regarding the recent server disruptions it experienced, which led to some sites having massive losses in service, and people to question the reliability of the cloud. When I say that the statement is …

Amazon Outage Casts Shadow Over Cloud Perception Amazon Outage Casts Shadow Over Cloud Perception
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Amazon recently suffered some problems with some of its servers, which left some sites with large hiccups in their services. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service had some issues, primarily in Virginia. Among the sites affected were Foursquare, Quora, Reddit, …

Apple iCloud on the Way? Apple iCloud on the Way?

A new report from GigaOm, cites a “tipster” as saying that Apple has purchased the domain iCloud.com from Xcerion, which just changed the name of its own iCloud service to CloudMe at CloudMe.com. According to the tipster, Apple bought the …

HP Looking To Cloud For The Future

If you’re a new CEO and are looking to put your own stamp on a company upon starting, look to HP’s Leo Apotheker for inspiration. On Monday, Apotheker outlined his vision for the company and many came away impressed with …

Google Search Appliance Connects To Cloud
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The odd-looking yellow box that Google markets as the Google Search Appliance is now better than ever.  Google’s announced several new features, including improved cloud connectivity and a people search option.

Cloud Connect is definitely the main attraction here.  It introduces the ability to search content stored within Google Docs and Google Sites, along with Twitter and other sites.

OnLive – A Cloud Gaming Service Launches
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The evolution of gaming has taken interesting turns in its relatively short history. We’ve gone from arcade machines, to home consoles, with the latest breakthrough being downloadable gaming content. OnLive, is a gaming service which looks to be pushing the boundaries yet again; with cloud gaming.

Will OnLive be a successful venture? tell us

Google Cloud Print in the Works for Printing from Chrome OS
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If computing is going to the cloud, does that include printing? It does in Google’s plan. The company has introduced preliminary designs for a project called Google Cloud Print, a service that would allow any desktop, web, or mobile app on any device to print to any printer that the user sets up.

Google Makes the Cloud Cheaper

Gmail used to offer a gigabyte of storage to new users, but now it offers at least seven gigs. Picasa comes with a gig. Sometimes that’s not enough. While Google has offered the ability to pay for additional storage, the company has now reduced the prices for it.

Google Makes Mobile Spreadsheets More Accessible
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Today Google announced an improvement to the mobile version of Google Docs. That is list view for spreadsheets, which allows you to view, edit, sort, and filter your spreadsheets from your mobile device.

Previously, you could only view your spreadsheets on mobile devices. Now, they basically have full functionality.

Data Portability and the Cloud

We’ve been hearing a lot these days about cloud computing and data portability. It only makes sense that we see some data portability through the cloud as well right?

Confused yet? Think services like Facebook Connect combined with Google Apps.

Google, IBM Create University “Cloud”

Google and IBM have partnered to give some of the world’s best young minds access to hundreds of linked computers.  What’s more, the companies aren’t doing this out of direct self-interest, and have teamed up with six universities.

Nirvanix Rains On Amazon’s S3 Cloud

Storage demands of modern rich media content drove Nirvanix to create a system that can handle those files, and web applications, better.

Microsoft Looks Into The Cloud

The favorite of Googlite war cry formats has been to pair up a Microsoft product with the word "killer": Windows-killer; Office-killer; [Insert product here]-killer. Google’s free, advertising-based software-as-a-service model is what has made Google, in theory at least, Microsoft’s most intense new challenger.

Google, Apple May Partner On Cloud Computing
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As rumors go, this is a pretty solid one: it seems that Google and Apple will partner, and together, the companies are likely to give .Mac a huge cloud-computing boost.

Scaling a Tag Cloud

Like many of you I’m using tag clouds (or related navigation concepts) on a couple of sites, like CoverBrowser.com.

Sometimes I run into the problem of scaling the cloud, when the page is about to get too large and complicated to serve as an overview.

Gord’s Caffeine-Fueled Vision of the Future

This week, for some reason (largely to do with thinking I could still handle caffeine and being horribly wrong), a number of pieces fell into place for me when it came to looking at how we might interact with computers and the Internet in the future. 

Make Your Content Del.icio.us

Del.icio.us is the most popular bookmarking service on the web. By getting on the Del.icio.us popular or hotlist page you could get thousands of visitors coming to your website within minutes.

Amazon Stretches Into Elastic Computing

Just as the online retailer expanded its web service offerings with its S3 Simple Storage Service, Amazon now offers the Elastic Compute Cloud, a virtual machine for developers to use.


iSift at first blush looks like another digg clone.

A New Use for Tag Clouds

The Los Angeles Times has come up with an intriguing new use for a tag cloud.

TaylorMade Golf Launches Two Blogs

TaylorMade Golf, one of the leading equipment manufacturers, has quietly rolled out two blogs.