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Women’s Leggings Reminder: No, They Are NOT Pants

Raise your hand if you’ve dealt with the following scenario involving women’s leggings. Your friend comes to you red-faced and more than a little bothered. When you ask what’s wrong, she shares her day with you. She was strolling down the street and noticed she kept getting odd looks. Those looks had something to do with her leggings. Did they …

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Ronald McDonald Officially A Hipster

Ronald McDonald is changing his style. He got rid of the goofy ass yellow jumpsuit and got a tailored, well-fitting “whimsical new red blazer” blessed with embroideries, paired with some skinny, cheese colored hipster pants that ride up the crotch seam; swag. Through his company’s account, Mr. McDonald is increasing his presence through social media channels around the world. The …

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Abercrombie Apologizes Once Again for CEO’s ‘Exclusionary’ Comments

Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch are continuing the apology tour, once again telling those angered by comments from CEO Mike Jeffries that they’re sorry for any offense they caused. Earlier this month, comments made by Jeffries during a a 2006 interview with Salon surfaced, and they hit with a thud. Jeffries said that yes, his store is exclusionary, and implied …

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